Studio PHI Tattoo Grand Opening Showcase

It was a great artshow and showcase last night, presented by Studio PHI Tattoo. The studio was filled with local art pieces, stylist people, It was definitely amazing to see how people come together enjoying the party, enjoying the art. Nothing too formal, too traditional, dress-shirt not required, honest to say though, one of the best art gallery experience I have ever had in Calgary. No over paranoid security staffs stopping you from walking "too close" to the art pieces to interact with them. No entrance fee and art critics on spot to set the class difference and tell you what to love. It is a place that you could simply be yourself comfortably. The Studio is right on the street, and certainly people there are keeping it real and making sure everyting stay street. Why differentiate street art from art? Rebranding themselves from Sacred Balance Tattoo, we expect great things from them. The new location is at 2nd street 10 avenue South West right next to HIFI club. Be sure to go down to Studio Phi Tattoo and check it out. Gar&Mann:L love local art, love tattoo, love Studio Phi Tattoo.

Featuring Artists: Brian Bunny Batista, the Kid Belo, Jack Bride, Rob Noseworthy, Katie Green, Jim Laing, Riley Rossmo, Lobsang Tseten, Kris Weinmann, Tiffany Wollman, Derick Bisbing, Juan Pablo Gonzalez, Austin Taylor, Ian McFarlane, Jason Isaac, Carli Castle, Jordan Pasiuk, Erin McCoy, Davey Gravy, Andreas Tiedemann, Graham Krenz, Carley Slade, Nate Martin, Melissa Croden, Gerry Stradoff, Jason Hussey, Farley Mowat, Ashley Ohman, Braedon Richelle, Mongoloid Mike, Jade-Ann Burdeyney, Dustin Zane Poole, Neil Martin Horvath, Enoch Chan and Matty B. 

Videographer: +Jack McLee @Gar&Mann:L

Photographer: Paul Lee @Gar&Mann:L


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