One Women Many Faces

Gar&Mann:L love seeing community getting together for good deeds. Dress for sucess. Dress to be the one you want to be. Fashion is always there in our lives, some people don't notice that but can't live without it. Would love to see more fashion in the event, can't really dress for sucess with no fashion show, no fashion showcase, no one talks about fashion. Women love dresses, makes so much sense to dress them all well. Would be real good to see more men in the gala, every man has many faces too so true. Gar&Mann:L see the need reaching out to men, dress them well, make the unnoticible stood out. Look sharp, Work hard, Play even harder, Gar&Mann:L is all about dress for success. - Paul Lee /Gar&Mann:L 

Videographer: +Jack McLee


"Dress for Success, "One Woman Many Faces" This Gala provides the opportunity to eat, drink and mingle with popular entertainers, media personnel, leaders in our communities. By providing women with clothing, career development, and a network of support, we are giving women the confidence and practical skills to succeed in Calgary’s workforce. Dress for Success clothes women in hope, head to toe." 
- Dress For Sucess [http://www.onewomanyyc.com/]


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