Louis Vuitton and movie "Gone with the Bullets"《一步之遙》

Fifteen antique trunks transported from Louis Vuitton Museum in Paris have become one of the exclusive highlights of Gone With the Bullets, celebrated actor-director JIANG Wen's 3D epic set for national release on 18 December. Spiced with extravagance, humour, adventure, suspense and romance, JIANG's highly anticipated follow-up to Let the Bullets Fly has been hailed as "the best Chinese movie of the past 20 years" by Hollywood.


On his collaboration with the luxury trunk maker, JIANG says Louis Vuitton's iconic productions appropriately enhance the historical texture of the movie. "Louis Vuitton and our team share the same commitment in quality, which has been realized in the form of cinematic art and production design in this project."  The story surrounds the adventurers' stories in the 1920's Shanghai with numerous scenes of trains and automobiles, the modes of travelling of the time, poetically echoing the spirit of "journey and adventure" of the renowned maison. "We worked with the best for the best. What appears in the movie are real antique trunks. They are historical and irreplaceable,"


Since 1854, Louis Vuitton trunks have crossed times and borders with the first trains, legendary ocean liners, to automobiles and the first aircraft. The spirit of Louis Vuitton's history and savoir faire embodies the message in this story that takes place in Shanghai.


Louis Vuitton HK 


'Mino' by Emmanuelle Moureaux

"Mino" by French architect and designer Emmanuelle Moureaux, inspired by Japanese traditional mino a raincoat made out of straws, adds a modern twist to the design. The traditional minos are crafted using bundles of woven to prevent the lost of heat, and it allows one to withstand harsh weather. Instead, Moureaux used 3,450 strands of paper that are cut into a 5mm wide strips, ranging from a spectrum of 100 different colours. By using colour as three-dimensional element, like layers to create a sense of boldness. The rich colour that are half hidden from the back of the cape reveals itself under motion and wind. Mino by Emmanuelle Moureaux was exhibited at the Tokyo Designers Week 2014, to find out more about her design check here.  

Project :
Color: 100 colors + white
Material:  paper
Supported by:  takeo co., ltd.
Exhibited at:  Tokyo Designers Week 2014



On Tour with Leonard Cohen, photographs by Sharon Robinson Book Signing and Exhibition

On Tour with Leonard Cohen, photographs by Sharon Robinson
Grammy-winning songwriter, and longtime Leonard Cohen creative collaborator, Sharon Robinson will exhibit innovative and intimate musical journey photo collection of Cohen at Morrison Hotel Gallery.


On Saturday, December 13th from 1 to 4 PM at Morrison Hotel Gallery in SoHo, 116 Prince Street, 2nd floor, NYC, Grammy-winning songwriter, and longtime Leonard Cohen creative collaborator, Sharon Robinson will exhibit a fascinating collection of images. On Tour with Leonard Cohen, photographs by Sharon Robinson will showcase profoundly emotional photographs taken from Sharon's iPhone documenting five years of touring with legendary poet, novelist, and singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen. The showcased photos are part of Sharon's mesmerizing new book, On Tour with Leonard Cohen, photographs by Sharon Robinson to be released in December 9th by powerHouse books distributed by Random House. Sharon will be signing copies of her book at her MHG exhibit.

For thirty years, singer-songwriter Sharon Robinson has been associated with Leonard Cohen as a co-writer, producer, and vocalist. She co-wrote and produced Cohen's 2001 album, Ten New Songs (Columbia Records and one of Rolling Stone's "Top 100 Albums of the Decade"), and co-authored the Cohen classics, "Everybody Knows" and "Waiting for the Miracle." A fluidly creative soul, Sharon is also a poetically expressive photographer. Sharon once worked as the staff photographer at the world-famous Coconut Grove nightclub in Los Angeles. Leonard has said of Sharon, that she has "...an eye as fine as her ear."  

In 2004, Leonard Cohen's manager stole his life savings, forcing him out of retirement to tour again. Sharon's photos in this exhibit capture five of the six years of this anthemic and vulnerable music journey that became one of the most revered tours in recent music history. The majority of the images were taken with Sharon's iPhone, which was crucial in capturing these images with the warmth and candor so evident in the photography.  Robinson reveals the nitty-gritty of day-to-day life of the road, onstage and behind the scenes, and the chemistry of Cohen and his supporting artists, together on an incredible journey across the globe, their hearts and minds focused on the next show. "I kept myiPhone in my pocket so I could capture a moment in a second. I hope the spontaneous nature of this collection helps to convey how deeply emotional and extremely rewarding this journey was," she says.

These photos have been anthologized in the exquisite book, On Tour with Leonard Cohen, photographs by Sharon. Sharon penned the book's introduction and New York-based author Larry "Ratso" Sloman, best know for his literary associations with Red Hot Chili Peppers vocalist Anthony Kiedis, Howard Stern, Bob Dylan, and Abbie Hoffman, wrote an essay for the foreword. Sharon will be doing a volley of activity in conjunction with the book's release, including book signings and live musical performances. She will appear at Subculture on Saturday, December 12th at 11:30 PM in NYC. In February 2015, Sharon will issue her highly anticipated second solo album, Caffeine.
Sharon Robinson has been associated with Leonard Cohen since touring with him as a singer in 1979-80. A Grammy-winning songwriter, Robinson's work has been covered by artists as diverse as Patti LaBelle, Don Henley, Aaron Neville, and Roberta Flack to name a few. Robinson's solo album, Everybody Knows (2008), garnered wide critical acclaim, as have her recent performances on the Cohen World Tour. 

About Morrison Hotel® Gallery
Morrison Hotel® Gallery (MHG) was founded in 2001 by former record company executive Peter Blachley, music retail industry professional Richard Horowitz, and legendary music photographer Henry Diltz. In 2012, author, director and photographer Timothy White joined the team, launching an additional West Coast gallery at The Sunset Marquis Hotel in West Hollywood.

MHG is the world's leading brand in fine art music photography representing 90 of the world's finest music photographers and their archives. Their vast catalog of photography encompasses jazz, blues, and rock imagery spanning several generations through to today's contemporary music artists and now includes iconic photographs in the world of sports as well. MHG has a robust online presence, featuring over 100,000 images searchable by photographer, music artist, band or concert. For more information go www.morrisonhotelgallery.com


Little tortoise regains mobility with LEGO wheelchair

Blade the tortoise, lost the use of his legs due to a growth disorder that cause his limbs to be too weak to hold himself up. Owner Iris Peste took him to the vet after noticing Blade's mobility problem. Vet Dr. Carsten Plischke, after careful examination came up with a brilliant idea; using LEGO pieces from his son's collection, Plischke install a "LEGO wheelchair" underneath the shell of Blade. By adding two sets of wheels, Blade was able to propel himself forward with the support giving from under. Check out the below video from RuptyTV to see Blade cruising around with his new custom LEGO wheelchair. Fortunately, with the support giving by the wheelchair Blade will eventually regain the strength and the ability to move freely.  

Source: RuptyTV Germany

Image via daily mail / © action press/REX


Domestic Bliss by Susan Copich

Happy Days

Susan Copich, a mother of two, actress and photographer from New York decided to take a dark twist on a project Domestic Bliss. The photos, featured a set of dark twisted version of a everyday family life in a mother's eye. For Copich, the photos reflects her inner anxieties and fear about the transition into middle age more than her actual family life. To find out more bout Susan Copich's work, check out her website here

"Having been a performer (dancer, actress) most of my life, then a camera carrying helicopter-mother, constantly snapping pictures of my family, one day my agent stopped calling, my babies grew up to be kids with their own opinions and attitudes, my marriage no longer felt shiny and new and I felt middle aged – irrelevant. I also realized I was missing from every family photo." - Susan Copich.(http://www.susancopich.com)

 Witching Hour


Bath Time 

Spare The Rod 

Let Go

Old Habits
Mommy Time


Anger Management 


60's style tip by Styleista for CORE shopping 'Twas the Night 2014'

Calgary’s largest, holiday celebration and after-hours shopping event 'Twas the Night 2014' by the CORE shopping will be happening this Thursday, November 27th. Many of you got a sneak-peak of what to expect on my previous post. This year's theme is the 1960's retro glam. A Styling Lounge set up by the official stylist of CORE Styleista will be available for anyone who is looking for gift ideas and styling tips. Also, they will be "style stalking" all you fashionistas at the night of the event. So, Gar&Mann:L together with Binzento Vincente had an interview with the ladies from Styleista, Brenna and Phaedra on some tips about "What to Wear on Twas the Night".

"What we loved about the 60's is that style is an everyday standard. Key pieces to the 60's retro glam are mini-skirts, chunky heels, the detail lining, poka-dot prints and bow-ties. Pearls are also big in the 60's. The main idea is keeping it modern with a personal touch. Having your own twist of the 60's retro glam is what we are looking for." - Styleista

Below are styling tips by Styleista, check their blog post for more. To RSVP and more info about Twas the Night 2014 check here.

Twas the night retro holiday glam fashion
(Image courtesy of Styleista http://styleistabh.blogspot.ca/ 

(Photo by Binzento Vincente) 

Image Source:


PRADSHPERE Hong Kong 2014

A cosmos of its own composed of heavenly bodies set in complex orbit. A universe of contradictions and endless elaborations— noble causes and base temptations—where idealism meets vanity, intelligence meets passion, fashion meets fiction. Welcome to the Pradasphere...

Pradasphere, a special exhibition exploring the universe of Prada, is unveiled on November 18th in Hong Kong, situated on the top of Central Ferry Pier 4, with dramatic views across the harbour to Kowloon. Debuted in London in May 2014, the exhibition traces the multivalent obsessions of one of the world’s most iconic brands. Conceived as a natural history of Prada, Pradasphere is a collection of archival objects arranged to reveal the complex, often intertwined, references of Miuccia Prada, her atelier, and a tight-knit circle of collaborators. The singular Prada vision is manifest in everything from fashion and accessories to art, architecture, film, and culture. Pradasphere posits that there are core ideas engaging beauty, taste, embellishment, gender, vanity, and power, which are repeatedly reworked through those diverse channels. The Prada oeuvre represents both an aesthetic journey and a critique enacted through the products of fashion. But it is also an unabashed celebration of exquisite materiality and craftsmanship, a paean to the rare and the finely wrought, and a wholehearted endorsement of the stylistic iconoclast. The centrepiece of Pradasphere comprises six towering showcases dedicated to the central themes that have distinguished the work of Prada. The displays combine work from diverse collections to demonstrate the recurrent concepts present in the  work. In addition, the exhibition includes: heritage items from the Prada archives; shoes and bags from the past collections organized by theme; examples of exquisite fabrics and materials; Prada history timeline; a screening room presenting short films; architectural projects; and a library of publications.Each of the sections follows a specific methodology and curatorial approach: origins includes authentic artifacts from the period that Mario Prada opened the first boutique in 1913 in Milan’s prestigious Galleria Vittorio Emanuele ii shopping arcade. The casework follows the design of the elegant displays that Prada has preserved at the original site. Typologies dominates the centre of the hall, with six freestanding dioramas each dedicated to a specific obsessions or fascination.

Evolution is a detailed Prada timeline divided into multiple trajectories on a long electronic screen. The timeline juxtaposes men’s and women’s collections, as well as accompanying advertising campaigns and fashion show spaces, with art projects, architectural projects, and other special Prada events. In addition, adjacent display cases house architectural models from frequent collaborators Rem Koolhaas/oma and Herzog & de Meuron, books, exhibition catalogues, and other ephemera. Specimens brings together shoes and bags from diverse seasons and recombines them to illustrate essential qualities that run through all collections. Surrounding vitrines focus on the painstaking process of design and prototyping that goes into every product. Construction includes a floor-to-ceiling video display that organises many of Prada’s most iconic looks by colour. The moving images are all drawn from runway footage shot during the fashion shows. Large-scale table vitrines present the precious, exotic, delicate, handmade textiles and innovative materials that make up Prada’s most exclusive designs. Observation is a screening room with a program of some of Prada’s most ambitious film/video projects produced in collaboration with directors including Ridley Scott, Roman Polanski, and Wes Anderson. 2/3Curated by Prada creative director Fabio Zambernardi in collaboration with New York-based designer and writer Michael Rock and his studio 2×4, the exhibition attempts to reveal something of the Prada method. “Pradasphere is a depiction of a collective, often exuberant, wildly creative design process.” notes Rock. “It is a story told primarily through things because design is a way of making in the world. And these things are extraordinary, both in their sensuality and as the manifestation of critical issues engaged by design that deals with the body-especially the female body— in such a direct way.” Revolving around these diverse references and influences, heritage and history, the iconic and the idiosyncratic, Pradasphere portrays a disruptive approach to design, style, art, and culture that is unique in the world of fashion today.Pradasphere is free and open to the public from November 19, 2014 to December 5, 2014.