ARTwear 2013

"Italian Elegante" is the theme of the 11th Art Gallery of Calgary's Annual Fall fashion Show Fundraiser. The revenue of the event was held at The Art Gallery. The night's fashion show featured items by various local boutiques and designers for this coming winter. Showcase designs at the reception are by students from the Couture Alumni Class of the Fashion Institute of Olds College, a great chance for them to display their designs. Artwear 2013 featuring Ooh la la, LARA PRESBER Clothing, Co Co + Violet, Leo Boutique, Henry Singer, ETTE, Dionne Dionne on their runway. Love the leather, checker and feather. As you all know, Gar&Mann:L is  local. Gar&Mann:L love how Art Gallery of Calgary brings fashion into the Gallery/Art Scene. Though fashion and art are at different grounds in some's eyes, but even Karl Lagerfeld said one could not possibly understand fashion if they dont understand art. Gar&Mann:L definitely see the two co-existing as the better side/ evolution of both worlds. Art Gallery of Calgary's effort must not go unnoticed. Gar&Mann:L love Artwear, love Art Gallery of Calgary.

Photographer: Jack Mclee /Gar&Mann:L
Edited by Paul Lee /Gar&Mann:L


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