HTC One Skatepark at Selfridges Central London

As part of the celebration of Selfidges' Board Games campaign and the launch of HTC's latest smartphone HTC One M8, HTC and Selfridges is teaming up together in a collab project of creating London's largest indoor skatepark. The old Fridges hotel located in central London are being transformed into a 18,500 square foot indoor skatepark: featuring free skate sesh, along with events and contests hosted by some of the biggest Skate brands and Skate mags in the world. The skatepark is done by Prime & Fire and Factory Media. The park is for skaters only, it is currently open for free entry until April 19th. Skaters, homies, if you skate and if you happened to be in London right now at this time, you've got to check this place out. Free Skate Sesh at the biggest indoor skatepark in London. Stay dry and skate for free! For more info check here.    

Open skateboarding sessions, free of charge
12PM - 9PM10AM - 9PM12PM - 6PM


Prime And Fire


CHINON Bellami HD-1 Digital Super 8 Camera

Source: CHINON
Bellami HD-1 by CHINON. Handheld HD video camera with a retro style that resembles the classic 8mm from the 1970s. Bellami HD-1 features a retro die-cast body;large viewfinder, removable trigger handle and D-mount for interchanging different modern and classic 8mm lenses. Boasting a  2.1 megapixel sensor, the Bellami HD-1 is capable of shooting in 30, 15, and 10 frames per second and with shutter speeds of up to 1/1000 per second. Bellami HD-1 digital super 8 camera is available in Japan only and is priced at $850. 



Supreme has their skate video "CHERRY" popped

It is about time. New York Skate brand Supreme has finally released their first ever full length skate video "Cherry". The way brand director Angelo Baque describes it - "The timing just felt right." 

Source: Aaron Leong 

Along with Supreme's 20th anniversary this April, their first full length skate DVD "Cherry" is released globally on iTunes on March 27th. Directed by William Strobeck, the film features the crew that was originally developed from the stores being a cultural hub to skaters in the area. "Cherry" features Dylan Reider, Aidan Mackey, Sage Elsesser, Nakel Smith, Kevin Bradley, Sean Pablo, Paulo Diaz,Alex Olson, Eric Koston, Mark Gonzales and Jason Dill. Friend and family members that has been part of the shop for the past 20 years will also appear in the video. The 30 mintue video has opened with a skate tour around LA, SF, NY, London and Tokyo, supplemented with party PAs from legends Mobb Deep and Cam’Ron. Get yourself a copy of "cherry" here





PARKSHOW 2014 at National Golf Academy Golf dome is sure to be one of the largest PARK has ever held. The fact that PARK is able to up-scale the venue each year sure proves the potential of Calgary's fashion industry. This year, PARKSHOW 2014 is presented by Chinook Centre and has featured a total of nine Canadian designers: Coutu Kitsch, Rebecca King, Hunt Amor, Camp Brand Goods, EG Forge, Bano eeMee, KAZZ, LUXX and MALIKA. The event set up was similar to what PARK has done to their past shows, but the large venue provided extra space for each designer to host their own pop-up shop. PARK stands for "Promoting Artists, Redefining Kulture", so it was quite nice to see designers being able to interact with potential clients locally. Those of you who follow us on facebook might notice, I have been modeling for MALIKA since her first campaign. More exciting projects are on the way, so stay tuned. In about a year Malika Rajani has demonstrated her talent, versatility and insight on the current fashion industry. She is known for catching the trend before it hits and maximizing the use of all kind of differnt fabrics to its very best capability. Be sure to check her collections here. With another successful year of PARKSHOW, rumour has it that PARK will be expanding into other cities in Canada. I guess we will have to wait till Parkluxe 2014 to find out.

Photo Credit:
Garmann Lee /Gar&Mann:L



KENZO and New Era present their Spring/Summer 2014 collection of collaborative caps. Inspired by California’s nature and sea, the lineup introduces five new models of New Era’s 59FIFTY silhouette featuring the original floral block and web motifs. The caps are done up in a simple palette combining black and white with light shades of blue and red. Each is priced at ¥6,000‎ JPY. Look for the colab line at selected Kenzo stores. Gar&Mann:L love KENZO.