Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to all!!

Buon Natale e felice anno nuovo!

Got the pleasure to work on a shoot with Vanessa just before the holiday began. Enjoy

Photographer & Stylist: Vanessa DeZutter
Model: Carmen Lee [Gar&Mann:L]
Hair & Make up: HOI-Make up. Helen Kwan
Stylist, Jewellery Designer: Mackenzie Jones http://jonesmodernvintage.com/




Punk subculture was born in 1970s, originated from protopunk music and eventually developed as a culture and lifestyle. Punk. Attitude is absolute. At that time it was more or less a social reflection turned movement of the Great Britain 1977 unemployment and social unrest. "Radical progressive leftist utopianism" as some percieve punk politic to be, I simply thought punk politics cover the entire political spectrum. In 1977, UK unemployment, it was a ruin there, they felt like the right wing is not doing what is right for the society at that time, that’s why they made suggestion of the left wing approach. It really seems like the right thing to do at that time. Politic was never only about preferences, more so it is often depended on the mix of cultural and historical content. To embrace it to identify yourself as a part of the culture, was never solely about what you wear and what brand to pick. Making the most out of what we have comtemporary, reinvent and re-conceptualize. Post-modernlistic? could be. Punk lives in the attitude of the beholder, so much variety, so individualistic, and that is beautiful.  -Paul Lee @ Gar&Mann:L

Photographer & Stylist: +Paul Lee
Model: Carmen Lee [Gar&Mann:L]
Lighting and Accessories Assistant: Jack Lee

Photocredit: +Paul Lee  @Gar&Mann:L. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


COAT issue

This winter/ fall runway has been filled with beautiful coats comes in all various shapes and sizes, and dramatic they are, yes. It has come to my attention that designers worldwide has been experimenting and redefining COAT in their very own terms. However, it is not the season for the usual duffel coat and pea coat that has been existed in your closet for seasons and what you wear every now and then in winters. Strong contour lines much like a silhouette has been accentuated with every detail they could pick on.
Trench and overcoat are being redesigned as a ready-to-wear, double-breasted frock coat would be the sleek fit for any formal occasion, opera coat over an evening gown, classy. 

Desingers' experiment with reinvention and discover new definietion

Via Vogue


Gar&Mann:L x Jack Lee

Gar&Mann:L x Jack Lee.
Photographer & Stylist: +Paul Lee .
Model: +Jack McLee 

+Jack McLee would be contributing as the official videographer of Gar&Mann:L.
Majoring in Film at University of Calgary, an ardent fan of the silver screen with the vision to produce, direct, film and edit. Prominent achievements are expected from this new art talent. For Gar&Mann:L videography inquiries, please contact Jack at mcleejack@gmail.com

Photo credit: +Paul Lee  @Gar&Mann:L


Skirts over trousers

Skirts over trousers. Yes, fear not, It might not be as daring as you think of it as a tweed version of skorts. One might not/ never really have enjoyed skort since not everyones into golfing. With Marc Jacobs, Prada, Louis Vutton and Chanel (Raf Simons debut) revealing their common vision onto runway A/W 2012-2013, the trend has been intriguing for many. Whats fashion without a little revisit into this mid 90s sway, revisit + reinvention + reinterpretation= sophistication. Love.

    Via: www.vogue.co.uk


    Shu Uemura X Karl Lagerfield, X'mas 2012

    Mon Shu Girl (my shu girl), Karl Lagerfled X Shu Uemura's mascot. my new love. Colors and packaging selected and photographed by Karl Lagerfeld. Will be launching internationally in November 2012. Karlism creation always so eye capturing, so conspicuous to all art & fashion fanatics. How adorable. I'm a Karlist myself.



    Runway Monthly. Oct 2012

    Pleasure to be invited to Runway monthly's last show of the season featuring various designers and boutiques; Mackenzie Jones with Danielle Cameron, Salonska designer for Lingerie for real life, Apt 22 by Kim Stern, Ruksana Nadeem, and Pusch with AnneB. Runway Monthly has been amazing through out the whole year, (the first year of Runway Monthly) they have been working hard promoting local/ Canadian artists/ Designers. Keeping it local, thats what its all about. Without local support, how do local talented ones go international. Ever since the very first Runway Monthly, they never ceased to surprise me. Again, keeping it LOCAL. Would be keeping my eyes on Runway Monthly.