MAME マメ SS2014

MAME  by Maiko Kurokochi have just released their Spring Summer 2014 collection. Inspired by "personal memory", each pieces is part of the childhood Kurokochi had with her grandmother. The collection consists of floral prints, navy lace sleeve, a visual representation of the spring flowers that boomed in her grandmother's garden. Fine details are made around the neckline and sleeves, khaki and navy is the new on the colour palette. Everything are incorporated as a experience of being a women, feeling your own strength while being delicate, and sophisticated. The strong memories of a nurturing women who had lived through the war times vigorously, tough yet free minded. Pure white tops and pants, motifs of the lily under sunshine in the garden each morning. "It is all about dressing well everyday, something that makes you feel good of being a women, delicately." - Maiko Kurokochi. I can't help but having growing that strong affection with Maiko Kurokochi's work. This collection really reminds me of the happiest memory in my life, the precious childhood I have spent with my grandparents. I was under my grandmother's care for most of my childhood, until I moved to Canada. I still remember what I said to her at the airport, first time leaving her to a place so far away. "don't worry grandma, I will be back next week to see you." It didn't take long for me to begin crying every night trying to get my mother to get me a ticket to go back. I had to hear her voice before going to bed each night. mame SS 2014, It's intimate. It's precious. It is a collection that empowers the feminin strength inside of you. It's almost like a women's お守り omaori.

Source: http://www.mamemamemame.com/

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