What? This Is Not My Diary?

"This is not my diary" I keep on telling myself that. Yet there has been countless aborted blogposts in my draft box. Seriously it shouldn't be that hard. I write for my love for fashion.

SWAG Is For Boys: Skate Dream.

SWAG is for boys? Skip the talking: Yankee hat, Sly print tee, Girl skate-pack, Nike SB high tops, Obey skull ring, bright blue BONES wheels. Hooked it up to the Lupe tunes. Take it to the street. Skate all day. Fresh to death. To all the homegirls skating and grinding out there: "Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real." - Tupac



Summer. Studs. Punk Rock.

  Working with APstudio photographer Alexsis Lee for a photoshoot at the local skatepark. I could hopefully prove myself competent to take on the role of the stylist of my photoshoot for the very first time. I've gone wild trying out my new glam rock wardrobe. Guessed I'm a bit of risk-taker myself as well, aside from my addictions to explore and study extraterrstrial beings and acient Egyptian mystries. Summer. studs. punk rock.



Bit gloomy, no matter, drop the "to be or not to be" dilemma, no excuses for not dropping by for a riverside afternoon walk. Time to go out.
Zara top, SLY spiked cheek shorts and laced up wedges.