"Maid of the Dead" - Schatzkiste, Akihabara

What's a Halloween without zombie? I want to recap this facinating event that I've came across from a friend. "Maid of the Dead" is an annual holiday event hosted by Schatzkite, a maid-cafe in Akihabara 秋葉原.  The two day event was hosted by cosplay zombie maids, serving its customers speciality food and beverages. A short story/video was created together by the employees of the cafe, to allow guests to connect with the theme better and enjoy the holiday atmosphere. It is just SO cute, though it gets a bit bloody. LOVE IT. As a zombie fan, I do get those moments when I seriously think about how I will prepare myself through a zombie apocalypse. The Alice-inspired gear/outfit is the first on my list [Resident Evil all the way], what you wear do affect the efficiency of zombie slamming, dress the mood people, no heels, no pencil skirts, bite-proof jacket preferable. Machette would definitely be my kind of weapon. It really gets me when I see people ran out of bullets in movies, and definitely don't stay with the ones that you don't trust, time to sort our your facebook or friends in real life.... Maybe I should make a post on Zombie Survivalogy 101, what y'all think?

Video source; Takena @youtube

Cafe Site: Schatzkiste 

Photo Source: nlab.itmedia.co.jp 

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