LOUIS VUITTON Asnières garden party hosted by Michelle Williams

The most beautiful adventures are not always measured in kilometres, but often in years, in what and how you feel… Since Louis Vuitton first settled in Asnières-sur-Seine in 1859, the House itself has travelled, recalling incredible places and exciting creations. While the Vuitton residence in Asnières reminisces about a certain distant era through their Eiffel architecture and Art Nouveau style, the mood has always been one of absolute modernity, for both the family home and ateliers. The Vuitton family itself was made up of courageous characters who pushed boundaries and transcended time, a spirit which continues to thrive in the House today. Though inherently linked to the world of fashion, Vuitton continuously seeks the leading minds of each era, be they artists, aristocrats or adventurers of all kinds.
It is this shared vision and freshness that curator Judith Clark sought to highlight in the exhibition presented in Asnières.

Within the exhibition, visitors can feel the beating heart of the Asnières ateliers which, to this day, continue to make the most exceptional trunks and pieces of Louis Vuitton’s leather goods collections. This unique savoir-faire is also endlessly renewed, to reflect the ever-changing catwalk trends and the vision of the House’s designers. 

In displaying elements of the Vuitton family home and its special craftsmanship, this constantly developing exhibition presents the House as a vector of creation and creativity. Located on the historic Louis Vuitton grounds in Asnières-sur-Seine, the exhibition presents a multiple space, a blank canvas on which many different films can be projected and layered, each telling of a different adventure. 

A garden party was hosted in the presence of actress Michelle Williams, Michael Burke Chief Executive of Louis Vuitton, Peter Marino, Judith Clark, Suzy Menkes, Suzie Bubble and many more. 

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