MARNI is invited for a collaboration with [Ethical Fashion Initative], a program created by International Trade Center (ITC) from United Nation. From December 4th, the 10 day special event will be held at the 1st floor of Isetan Shinjuku main building. 

[Ethical Fashion Initiative] is a program that connects fashion businesses with artisans in Africa and Haiti to provide employment opportunities for women in developing countries. Using fashion as a vehicle out of poverty, the program empower women who have a strong desire to change their life. ITC x MARNI print bags collection designed by MARNI and made by people of Kenya will be available for sale during the event. Videos of the production process will be on display throughout the event.  Indeed, it will be a colourful demonstration of the program's fashion high standards and embracing Kenyan traditional fabrication skills, while adapting to the global market needs. 

In addition to the collaboration, charity projects by MARNI "Children's Imagery World" and "MARNI 100 CHAIRS" will also be showcasing at the event. Since 2007, MARNI has been socially active toward various charity programs. "Children's Imagery World" is a print tee collection aim to aid the under-privileged children around the world. “MARNI 100 CHAIRS” is a collection created by Marni for the Salone del Mobile 2012. All products are handmade by ex-prisoners in Colombia. It is an intiative effort to reintroduce ex-prisoners to a working environment and the sale proceeds are donated to charity organizations. It has been announced the winners of the Design Awards of the year 2013 curated by the London Design Museum.

Nothing better to give warmth and attentions to humanity issues that are happening in the world today in this loving & sharing holiday season. A capable touch of love and care for others through fashion. Gar&Mann:L would say this collaboration by MARNI x ISETAN x ITC is turning this coming week an extraordinary season's greetings for all of us. Bless the ones that gives than receives, we love and we care. 

Print tee available for purchase at Children's Imagery World.


Lego That: Daft Punk

Daft Punk to get "Lego-ed"? Lego official "CUUSOO" project is a platform for Lego lovers to vote for Lego characters that they think should be made but never happened. It allows users to provide comments and ideas about what should be lego-lized. World-renowned eletro-duo Daft Punk made the statement with their distinct visual style, their achievement in music is undoubtedly successful, what about adorable mini Daft Punk Lego? I think their quite unique, it's about time for something other than movie or game characters to be made into Lego figures. Gar&Mann:L loves Daft Punk. Help them get Lego-lized by voting here "Daft Punk Lego"


Evangelion and Japanese Sword Exhibition at Mori Art Museum

From November 23th to December 23th, "Evangelion and Japanese Sword Exhibition" will be held at Mori Art Museum in Ueno, Tokyo. The one month exhibition features a recreation collection of swords based on the famous, one of the Japan Media Art 100 Selection Award 日本のメディア芸術100選 winning animation 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン』 Neon Genesis Evangelion. 20 collaboration pieces are created by more than 50 sword-making artists. It is a collaborated admixture of Japanese traditional sword making craftsmanship and the very best of Japanese World renowned Animation Art. I deeply appreciate the sword artists' life dedication into this form of art, and it goes down to every single details of the sword being made. They are bold and delicate. They say each sword have their own personality. I am very curious to know how each sword would look like. Bizen Osafune and Magoroku from Evangelion: Another Story will also be included, the very swords that ripped through the AT-Field and takes the life of one of those stylish "Angels". Each battle is a matter of life and death, the moment you feel the fear of death is also the most beautiful moment, cruel but beautiful just like a Japanese sword. In addition to the exhibition, figures of EVA Unit 01, life-size figure of Ayanami Rei, Asuka and other Evangelion items will be available along with a voice guiding tour by Katsuragi Misato! There will also be exclusive new Evangelion items available in the exhibition. Gar&Mann:L is a die-hard fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Exciting news has been released by the Japanese Swords Society, "Evangelion and Japanese Sword Exhibition" will be in Europe 2014! Now I will cross my fingers for their next update about coming to Canada.

Lance of Longinus
 Unit 02 side knife
 Bizen Osafune 
 Unit 00 side knife
Lance of Longinus 
Details on Unit 02

Source: Anime News Network


Araki Nobuyoshi「Married Women's Photos」Exibition [荒木経惟「人妻ノ写真」展]

From 2013年11月8日(金)to 2014年1月19日(日), Araki Nobuyoshi would having his exhibition 「「人妻ノ写真」Married Women's Photos」at the RAT HOLE GALLERY. In this exhibition, Araki will be displaying 700 monochrome Married Women photographs that he has been photographing for 15 years.

B&W Print, Acrylic marker
13 x 18 cm

This is a lifework of Araki Nobuyoshi, known as 「人妻エロス(Married Women Eros)」, working with magazine-『週刊大衆』(Futabasha-双葉社)as a series project started in 1998. Hundreds of married women have applied to the magazine- 『週刊大衆』 to have Araki taking pictures of their true/naked side as a married women. The 700 photos would be deployed in a grid on the wall, all of them are taken with a 35mm camera. Unlike the 「人妻エロス(Married Women Eros)」photo series, the intimate relationship between photographer Araki and the married women as the subject of being photohraphed is more intensely projected to the work. In addition, each photo has been decorated by the hands of Araki's own color marker of seven colors, and it is with photographs of unprecedented " married woman ". In addition , there would be a display of 20 new works taken by Araki with medium format camera showcasing as a part of the exibition.

The work of Araki explains " married women themselves as art ". Within the action photographing " take / be taken ", Araki's artistic intention is to draw out the enchantment/charm from the married women that their husbands have never seen, as well as inviting those who see to the world of the married women. It really sets up a question for all to wonder what is means to live as a women. 

B&W Print, Acrylic marker
13 x 18 cm

B&W Print, Acrylic marker
13 x 18 cm

Araki Nobuyoshi PhotoBook [Married Women's Photo] 荒木経惟写真集『人妻ノ写真』
2013年11月8日 (Publish  on) 発売
160頁 限定500部 価格未定
発行 (Pubication):RAT HOLE GALLERY

CREDIT: http://www.ratholegallery.com/index.htm, RAT HOLE GALLERY


Lady Gaga for Versace S/S 2014 Campaign: Morphing of The Platinum Sisters

We all know well what platinum sisters are capable of; we knew this would come in just a matter of time. Spring/ Summer 2014 Versace campaign has been released with Lady Gaga as the face of the new campaign, photoshoot by Met Alas & Marcus Piggot. Perfect straight bleached blonde hair and eyebrow, è molto elegante. Caught me off guard by seeing the "beauty" side of Gaga. She is absolutely gorgeous, period. I love Versace platinum Gaga, do you?

Source: Mirror UK 


Roberto Cavalli: Limited Edition Bag & Wallet

Roberto Cavalli manages to surprise us this Christmas with his limited edition handbag and wallet launching this Thursday November 28th. He is jump-starting us on our Christmas shopping for that limited quantity of 40 handbags and 50 wallets that everyone's after, as if the whole pre-Christmas shopping thing isn't already crazy enough. Both items are inspired by "flower arrangement" of Japanese traditional culture. The gem floral and leopard print makes a modern interpenetration of Japanese aesthetic and Roberto Cavalli's renowned exotic print. The palette is bright, vibrant and refined. Prints are flourishing and are seen on the runways everywhere since fall. I love prints everywhere on everything.

For purchase: Roberto Cavalli boutique

Source: Roberto Cavalli



THOM BROWNE NEW YORK Starbucks card will be released today along with "GQ Japan" January issue. Navy, white and red, the tricolor design by Tom Brown symbolizes the GQ magazine. The exclusive card is not available to be purchase in any Starbucks store nor shops of THOM BROWNE NEW YORK. I am gonna get one.

Source: The Elites US


"My FC" PowerCharger - Water Powered Portable Charger

"My FC", world's first mobile battery charger that generates electricity with water. Sweden born "My FC" is a build-in portable hydrogen fuel cell charger. By pouring water into the lower main, "My FC" will generate power for any external device. Now that, is zombie apocalypse ready. So dope. With my water proof Sony Xperia Z1 and "My FC", long live my phone. Blog till I get my nutritious brain eaten up by one of those living dead out there, and turn into Garmann Lee - a Fashion Model Zombie - Zombie Fashion Blogger
"My FC" is available for purchase at RESTIR [www.restir.com]

Source: RESTIR


Kuroshitsuji 黒執事 Movie

Stealing the hearts of many female manga lovers/ girls including myself, releasing date of the movie "Kuroshitsuji" has finally been announced! I have been waiting, expecting and hoping for a very long time for it to come out, ever since I have finished watching the manga, 2 seasons of animations of Kuroshitsuji 黒執事.  It is every girl's dream to have their personal butler like Sebastian, exceptional charming male model appearance, intelligent, an absolute gentleman and above all, a faithful demon that will serve you in anyway you want. In return for his service, he gets to consume your soul, tell me what could possibly be more attractive than that? He would be the one staying with you till the very end of time. Daunting love, I can't never get enough. I've always had a thing for this type of luxury dark romantic mystery, vampire is daring but not dangerous enough for me. Nothing needs to be forever, it just need to be beautiful in every moment. Tokyo menswear label ガラアーベント(GalaabenD) have specially designed the outfits for セバスチャン and 幻蜂清玄, the two leading character of Kuroshitsuji. GalaabenD always have that british chic that I love, so perfect for Kuroshitsuji. Makes me excited for the movie even more.  

Sebastian is impeccable. 

Film release nationwide January 18, 2014 

Photo Credit: Theinnocentlam 


Indochino Traveling Tailor Pop Up Store Calgary

This past Friday, Gar&Mann:L got a personal invitation to Indochino Traveling Trailor Pop Up Store Calgary at their launching party, one of the leading custom tailor made online menswear, and got a taste of their personal tailor service. It is their second visit to Calgary, but the concept is still new to many. The story goes back in 2006, it began when co-founder Heikal Gani had trouble finding the suit that fits him right. Original as a custom online menswear, "Indochino is all about helping guys look and feel great," explains Kyle Vucko, Indochino co-founder and CEO. "I started the company to create the best retail experience for guys - an e-commerce site that allows customization with ease. Travelling Tailor evolves that the concept by taking the experience offline, for men who want to meet with a stylist, feel the fabrics and talk through their options."

Every man needs a suit that fits them well; it's like the little black dress for women. It's essential for all men, a suit that fits right is the basic of looking good. Even the expensive suits needs altering, jacket needs to be brought in, sleeves needs to be slim down, and pants need to be the right length for you. There is a difference between appropriately dressed and stylishly dressed. I'm sick of seeing man that let their suits hanging off them like a table cloth, get it right, or else there is really no point wearing a suit. No such thing as "one size fits all", don't even start thinking about the trend until you get the basics down. Things I look for when I see a man in suit that is fit, trimness and elegant details. I love men in slim suits, they might make you suffer a little but as Tom Ford says, "you should suffer sometimes to be attractive and beautiful."

INDOCHINO right now only carries menswear right now, so Paul Lee @Gar&Mann:L got the VIP treatment, walking out of INDOCHINO with his premium tailor made Italian slim fit shirt. The personal shopping was time-effcient, yet quality retained, just like how men like it to be. Get measured by professional tailor, select material, and get styled. Indochino PR manager Robin Rowley, introduced me to the Ultimate Tech Collection by Indochino, it is water-repellent and wrinkle-resistant, made with Italian Merino wool with invisible nanotech finish. Reminds me one of those "Unfitted coffee lids spilling accidents". You see it's all about getting the perfect fitting. 

Wait no more Indochino will be in town until November 24th, get your appointment booked at

P.S: In honour of Movember, customer will receive a complimentary Art of Shaving kit with purchase.

Videographer: Jack LeeGar&Mann:L

Photographer: Paul LeeGar&Mann:L

"While studying at the University of Victoria in 2006, Co-founder Heikal Gani bought his first suit. Unfortunately, he didn't get what he was looking for. Heikal had diligently searched for the right attire in local department stores and online but couldn’t find anything that would fit or that he could afford. Eventually he had to settle for a generic, off-the-rack garment that required extensive and expensive tailoring."

"Heikal believed that there must be a better way for men to select and buy this essential component of their wardrobe. So he got together with best friend and classmate, Kyle Vucko, to discuss finding a solution to a problem that many men still face today. They agreed that custom made designer suits look and feel fantastic. However, the industry's outdated fitting process was inconvenient and the cost—well, let's not go there."

"Together they decided to put their studies on hold to develop a business plan for a company that would craft stylish, custom made suits matching every man's unique size profile. They would be ordered online, delivered anywhere in the world—and take the strain off our wallets. In 2007, Indochino was born." - INDOCHINO 

I'm really loving this new generation of affordable online custom tailor, with all the things going, it is not easy to take the time to make appointments and visit a tailor, "time is money". The online custom store got it all planned out for you, all you need to do is a 10 minute measurement. You can't ask anything better than free customization, guarantee satisfaction at an affordable price. I feel the need for men to be dressed well, make the unnoticeable stood out. Suit up properly would be a good start. With all the "menswear inspired womenswear" that is going on, maybe I will get my own experience of Indochino custom tailor suits. After all, a well tailored suit do fits for all.