Shu Uemura X Karl Lagerfield, X'mas 2012

Mon Shu Girl (my shu girl), Karl Lagerfled X Shu Uemura's mascot. my new love. Colors and packaging selected and photographed by Karl Lagerfeld. Will be launching internationally in November 2012. Karlism creation always so eye capturing, so conspicuous to all art & fashion fanatics. How adorable. I'm a Karlist myself.


Runway Monthly. Oct 2012

Pleasure to be invited to Runway monthly's last show of the season featuring various designers and boutiques; Mackenzie Jones with Danielle Cameron, Salonska designer for Lingerie for real life, Apt 22 by Kim Stern, Ruksana Nadeem, and Pusch with AnneB. Runway Monthly has been amazing through out the whole year, (the first year of Runway Monthly) they have been working hard promoting local/ Canadian artists/ Designers. Keeping it local, thats what its all about. Without local support, how do local talented ones go international. Ever since the very first Runway Monthly, they never ceased to surprise me. Again, keeping it LOCAL. Would be keeping my eyes on Runway Monthly.



L'uomo Vogue.

Breathtaking flawlessness. Chinese actress Fan Bingbing's got the prefect face for a star, and the power to construct her personal style that conveyed class and originality.

Via: L'uomo Vogue, October 2012.
Source: www.Vogue.it 


Lauren Bagliore in Parklux 2012

Bagliore is edgy, is modern, is romantically feminine. Having her shows run and shine on the top-end fashion stage of New York, Lauren Bagliore's continues to redefine the art making from haute couture to prêt-à-porter . The fashion rising star Bagliore's design is where high-end fashion truely meets comfortness. Calgary based, New York native designer Lauren Bagliore opened the second part of the Parklux 2012 with models walking down the runway showing off her signature jersey dresses, demonstarting how her pieces could easily be convertible into different style with just a simple twist of a wrap, folding up or layering up. This season's collection is all about having fun with reinvention; each folds and knots are precisely detailed in a way as they are put together as her design intended to be. Bagliore's got an edge so sharp that would cut with her seams. 
Interview with Lauren Bagliore coming soon.