Just 3 days till Calgary's annual luxury fashion show, PARKLUXE 2013, can't tell you how excited Gar&Mann:L is. This year, guests of PARKLUXE will experience a visually stunning large installation from local sculptor Kirk Dunkley. "My goal with this show is to inspire others," Dunkley says. "I also aim to produce a beautiful installation that will frame the event, and provide a formal and minimalist aesthetic context for the evening.” He goes on to say, “The piece will explore the articulation of space and time through light, form and interactivity." This installation is part of a larger series of Dunkley's works, called "String Theory."
Tickets are selling fast, better get yours asap. 

Laura Siegel / TORONTO
Paul Hardy / CALGARY
Lauren Bagliore / CALGARY - NEW YORK
Malorie Urbanovitch / EDMONTON
Nicole Campre / EDMONTON
Tanya Taylor / NYC 


TELUS Spark Science Centre
220 St. George’s Drive N.E, Calgary, Alta.

ParkLuxe 2013 event page:

Get your tickets here. 

Via: www.ourparkonline.com

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