JoJo's Bizarre Adventure "ジョジョの奇妙な冒険" x Shiseido HQ Ginza

Celebrating the grand opening of Shiseido Ginza building, Shiseido Head Quarter will be hosting a collab-exhibition with [ジョジョの奇妙な冒険] "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" from October 4 to October 9. Some of you might remember, I have been a fan of the manga for quite some time now. (not sure? check JoJo's Bizarre Adventure here) The exhibit will feature 19 photos with various hairstyle and make up by Shiseido's beauty top stylist, Tadashi Harada. Each style are based on the characters appeared in the manga written by Hirohiko Araki. Prefect timing for this coming fall/winter. The art of being a gentleman and the aesthetic of masculinity that Jojo being portrayed as, is not only applicable for men exclusively, women too can have the strength and the boldness like Jo Jo to become a true lady, feminine and beautiful yet strong and empowering. Washiki untempered natural beauty + hard edge British punk = new age Jo Jo lady, and that's vigorously beautiful.

Via: http://www.araki-jojo.com/http://animeanime.jp/



PARK, Promoting Artists Redefining Kulture, one of the biggest strongest Calgary local non-profit organization with Holt Renfrew, one of the Canada's biggest fashion retailer hosted this year's Calgary fashion industry mixer, bringing us a glamorous glittering night full of beautiful people and getting surrounded by all these desiger fashion pieces. PARK is clearly raising the bar every year, doing it all for the love of fashion. Much Love for PARK, Gar&Mann:L always support PARK.

Videographer: +Jack McLee 

Photograher: +Paul Lee 

 Christina L

Photocredit/ Videocredit: +Paul Lee, +Jack McLee  @Gar&Mann:L. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Fendi Bag Bugs.

FENDI is so full of furry playfulness in their latest holiday collection. "Bag Bugs" 2013-14 A/W collection will be launching world-wide in November 2013, a pre-release of the collection will be held in Isetan Shinjuku Japan on 25th September. These furry leather Bag Bugs are monster motifs for FENDI icon bags, their giant eyes' got attitude. Honestly, I don't have much self-control when it comes to furry things, key chains, accessories, shoes and fur coats. You name it, I've got  it. God. It is just too adorable, and I know that they are coming home with me in November. 

Source: http://m-fendi.jp/monster/


The Wine Apartment . ワインアパートメント

Wined in style, a new concept of high quality living. The Wine Apartment Tokyo Japan this early autumn 2013 is open for rent. An apartment with underground wine cellar with a capacity of 10,000 bottles, ground-floor wine bar and bistro, and a on-site sommelier as a wine concierge. Absolutely brilliant, Bravo.

"You can't enjoy your favourite wine, when there is no space at home to store your wine properly"
The idea comes from the perspective of living with your wine.

The 1st level is Endo Risaburo Store 遠藤利三郎商店, a popular bistro in Tokyo, with a menu of 600 carefully selected collection of wine. As a resident there, you can enjoy the special service offered by 遠藤利三郎商店 such as food delivery straight to your dinning room or storing your own wine at their bistro cellar. The biggest characteristic of this wine apartment is that the management staffs are also sommeliers. As some of the staff explained: "I do not simply just manage the wine cellar, or plan an arrangement of parties for the weekend, such as coordination of the wine glass, more importantly I provide the support of a richer wine life." A total of 18 units are available for rent, in studio type units, the living room is installed with a standard tasting counter and wine cellar that can hold 26 bottles of wine. Wine Glass showcase that beautifully decorate the wine glasses is attached to the tasting counter top. Wine apartment floor design is also available as a party room as well as a residence, and SOHO, and office. Now, this is quality living.

Source: www.wineapartment.jp



We are excited to share and to invite you all fashionistas, fashion addicts, or people who just love being good looking 24/7 out there to join us at CALGARY FASHION INDUSTRY MIXER + PARK FUNDRAISER PRESENTED BY HOLT RENFREW AND PARK. It is open to all current and aspiring fashion, art and/or culture industry professionals in Calgary. A great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, learn something new, and have a great evening. Get your tickets before they are sold out! We are excited to see you there! 

Wednesday, September 25
Holt Renfrew (510 8th Avenue SW)
Calgary, Alberta
18+ Event 

$20 in advance: PURCHASE HERE
$25 at the door

One free drink
Light hors d'oeuvres


Holt Renfrew
Night Panda Productions

Photography - Jason Eng 
Graphic Design - AM Studio
Mahmoud Bachir and April Ryde
Make-up - Lucy Morris 
Model - Brooklyn 
Sophia Models International
Skirt and Earrings - Holt Renfrew 


Rings & Tings X Gar&Mann:L

Most of us are trying to dress more creatively and less conventionally. Thinking beyond the status quo is challenging, but yet provocatively exciting. Each and every season we fight to hunt down our favourite items on our wish/hit list. Every single bit of details count, that's why we are so into accesories, rings and things. We are excited to announce our Gar&Mann:L collaboration and sponsorship with Rings and Tings. A London based online store that offers unique fashionable items at a reasonable price. Be sure to check out their collection at their online store: http://www.ringsandtings.com/.

Photographer: +Paul Lee
Stylist: +Paul Lee
Model: +GarMann L

 Skeleton Cage Ring by Rings & Tings

Studded Bracelet by Rings & Tings

Trojan nacklace by Rings & Tings

Photocredit: +Paul Lee @Gar&Mann:L. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.



NAMIE AMURO X VOGUE JAPAN X GUCCI. What you are about to see in Vogue Japan 2013 October is a gorgeous collaboration between Gucci, Namie Amuro and VOGUE JAPAN. Namie Amuro will be featured in the October issue of VOGUE JAPAN (in stores on August 28th)" wearing GUCCI 2013-14 A/W women's collection, and my copy of Vogue Japan 2013 October issue is already on its way to Calgary. I can't lie, one of the most excited-to-get copy of Vogue I have ever ordered. Special movies of Namie's photo shoot for this project are available on the GUCCI official website, VOGUE JAPAN official website and the Namie Amuro official website!! Each website has exclusive edits. 

Namie Amuro is absolutely out of the world gorgeous with her big pompadour hair, copper metalic make up being perfectly styled with GUCCI leather, fur, houndstooth and checker prints. Especially in love with her houndstooth Chinese cheongsam style one piece. Queen of Pop in Japan all time, her music her style defintely sparked up this Gucci collection in a way that Gucci would not usually be portraited as. Its Vogue Japan & Namie Amuro's interpretation of GUCCI 2012-14 AW collection. The way the video being edited is undoubtly sophisticated, tons of focus on every single bits of details. Its geometric, Its metalic, Its edgy, Its Gucci, Its GUCCI, Its sexy, Its Amuro Namie.      


ふなっしー (Funassyi) meets Cara Delevingune

Funassyi London Project!!! Cant stop laughing about it really Hahaha. One of the most unusual, unofficial, un-laugh-stoppable, unreal fashion colaboration I have yet seen. Gigling, high pitch screaming, trembling, dynamic power movement ふなっしー (Funassyi) a popular 梨の妖精 (pear fairy) from 千葉県船橋市 (Funabashi) meets 超人気モデル English supermodel Cara Delevingune. Unusual friendship, but hey! they are both so pretty and you know you love them too :)

Funassyi London Project :Arrival

ふなっしーロンドンプロジェクト "カーラ編"
Funassyi London Project :CARA

Funassyi London Project : Departure


Burberry Prorsum x Apple iphone 5s collaboration

Springtime, untimely the season of love. The Burberry Prorsum 2014 S/S women collection is flourishingly romantic. Join Christopher Bailey in his English rose garden. The runway collection featuring super-lightweight cashmere knits, gemstones and the petal bag. Humbly subtle, yet effortlessly sexy. The only thing that would be as flourishing as this runway collection at this point in my live would be my urge of getting my new phone. Can almost be sure to say that the Burberry Prorsum x Apple iphone 5s collaboration has envisioned me so much that I can almost be sure to say I'm going apple again. Burberry Prorsum 2014 S/S Women Collection was shot with iSight Camera of iPhone 5s, photos and videos that captured details on the runway, items, and design of the back stage was delivered to the whole world today. This time, Apple has made taking a picture thats "simply" beautiful easier than ever with the new iPhone 5s. Camera with aperture of f/2.2, 10 fps in burst mode for still camera, 120 fps at 720p for a nice slow-motion video. A new 15% bigger 8.0 megapixel image sensor with bigger 1.5 microns pixels. The new true tone flash uses a white LED and an amber LED to adjust the flash intensity and color temperature in order to let you light your subject evenly and natually. In addition to these, a new camera application in iOS 7 and image signal processor (ISP) that is in the A7 chip, faster photo capture and autofocus up to twice as fast, excellent dynamic range and more correction for image stabilization. And the new rose pink gold design, charming. Yea see, got too excited, I just can't stop speaking about iphone 5s rose gold :) 

Source: burberry.com