PARKLUXE 2013 [People In PARKLUXE 2013]

Have been waiting for it for so long, then the next thing you know, it is over. Saturday October 5th, a night of glamour and luxury for the Calgary fashion scene. Love love the installation "Magitude of Order" by local artist Kirk Dunkley. The two aluminium cubes really integrated with the runway, guests are able to experience and be become part of the art work. The unique interaction between each guest and the installation is quite the highlight of the night, a brand new experience for PARKLUXE. This year, seven designer were featured, Nicole CampreAnne B. AccessoriesMalorie Unrbanovitch, Tanya TaylorLauren BagliorePaul Hardy, and Laura Siegel

Lauren Bagliore is known for her boldness and her Asia inspired chic, but she sure surprised me the touch of colour in this season's collection. The red and black symmetry dress, asymmetrical coat made with fabric exquisitely developed by Lauren further defines the balance of italiana femminiltià. Nicole Campre's one piece cutting is amazing. It drapes down gracefully along with our walk and lays slightly away from the body so it refines one's profile. Another designer that stood out for me is Tanya Taylor, who is new to PARKLUXE. Founded in 2011, the New York based TANYA TAYLOR focuses on detail and a sense of refined ease. I have to say, I really like the floral prints, and her use of lines. So eye catching and intimate. Also the mid-length skirts will definitely be in my wanted list this season. PARKLUXE 2013, another amazing creation by PARK, its ever-evolving, every-year-advancing. Gar&Mann:L love Parkluxe2013.

Videographer: +Jack McLee/ Gar&Mann:L


Photographer: Paul Lee/ Gar&Mann:L 



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