Ato Fall/Winter 2014 - "BLACK COMPOSITION"

Photographed by Yusuke Miyazaki, Ato revealed its latest Fall/Winter 2014 collection: "BLACK COMPISITION".
"Ato seeks in creating clothes that symbolize the individual's identity, making each pattern and style believable to the wearer. Solid cutting is used on the designs, aimed in creating a silhouette that awakens the character of the body. Instead of just crating a masculine or feminine line, Ato works in creating items from the mind, which in turn brings out the character. This attribute is further applied by giving a name to each pattern, not only for the designer, but so that the modelists and any staff involved in the creation will have a base and an understanding of the special character in each garment, consequently targeting the goal of making the best clothes possible."  


Ato Japan

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