Dîner en Blanc x Vinegar Desings Lab; "What-To-Wear" Series

For the third consecutive year, the city of Calgary hosts Le Dîner en Blanc. On July 30, 2015, the annual secret affair, promises another unforgettable evening of elegance, beauty and magic, as it takes over an undisclosed public space whose location is only revealed minutes prior to the commencement of the event. This year, Vinegar Deigns Lab Inc. had been invited to partner up with members of Dîner en Blanc to create a mini fashion campaign. Photographed by Paul M. Lee, styled by Binzento, graphic design by Jack Lee, Vinegar Designs Lab aims to guide you through the most interesting part about attending Dîner en Blanc; "What-To-Wear". It is all in the detail, you will be amazing of all the fun you can have with WHITE. Check out our mini campaign below for more details. 

On Garmann L: 
Top, short and over-coat by Judith & Charles 
Clutch is available at Ette

On Jordan (left): 
Shirt by Travis Taddeo,
 On Jay (right): 
Embroidered shirt is sold at Espy

On Katy:
Jumpsuit is available at Espy 
On Binzento: 
Shirt and blazer by Frank & Oak

On Elle:
Dress and clutch are available at Ette

For more information check out their official website here.
About  Dîner en Blanc Calgary 2015:

Gleaming hearts unite as we welcome yet another year of sparkling moments and napkin waving - Dîner en Blanc returns this summer on Thursday, July 30th.
Join us as we roll out the white carpet for you, our esteemed guests, and the return of our amazing menu architect, Chef Noble. Delectable feasts that encompass traditional French fare with a Canadian twist will envelop your taste buds. Imagine Alberta nutriment accompanied with local fresh entrées, followed with a smooth bouquet of the finest French grapes. For those members who have already registered, catered meals are now available in the E-Platform Store.
The Social Concierge has partnered with Vancouver-based custom menswear leader Indochino. Compliment your own classic take on Dîner en Blanc Calgary with a silk bow tie and a cotton pocket square.
Flow through your Dîner en Blanc experience with ease by purchasing all your wine and meal accoutrements prior to the event through the online store. 


'ILLUSTARED PEOPLE" by Thomas Mailaender

'Illustrated People' by French artist Thomas Mailaender transforms an artistic performance in photographs, illustrating the product of his ephemeral and experimental body artworks.

Each photo demonstrates the experiment Mailaender's work with UV light:  23 original negatives selected by Mailaender from the Archive of Modern Conflict’s Collection is applied onto the skin of each model. A powerful UV lamp is then projected over these negatives. The result reveals a fleeting picture on the skin’s surface, each appeared with different intensity depending on the model's skin. Mailaender then photographs each model just moments before being ​​exposure to daylight which will cause the image to disappear, 

For more information about Thomas Mailaender, visit his official website. http://www.thomasmailaender.com/ 

All images courtesy of Thomas Mailaender


LOUIS VUITTON Asnières garden party hosted by Michelle Williams

The most beautiful adventures are not always measured in kilometres, but often in years, in what and how you feel… Since Louis Vuitton first settled in Asnières-sur-Seine in 1859, the House itself has travelled, recalling incredible places and exciting creations. While the Vuitton residence in Asnières reminisces about a certain distant era through their Eiffel architecture and Art Nouveau style, the mood has always been one of absolute modernity, for both the family home and ateliers. The Vuitton family itself was made up of courageous characters who pushed boundaries and transcended time, a spirit which continues to thrive in the House today. Though inherently linked to the world of fashion, Vuitton continuously seeks the leading minds of each era, be they artists, aristocrats or adventurers of all kinds.
It is this shared vision and freshness that curator Judith Clark sought to highlight in the exhibition presented in Asnières.

Within the exhibition, visitors can feel the beating heart of the Asnières ateliers which, to this day, continue to make the most exceptional trunks and pieces of Louis Vuitton’s leather goods collections. This unique savoir-faire is also endlessly renewed, to reflect the ever-changing catwalk trends and the vision of the House’s designers. 

In displaying elements of the Vuitton family home and its special craftsmanship, this constantly developing exhibition presents the House as a vector of creation and creativity. Located on the historic Louis Vuitton grounds in Asnières-sur-Seine, the exhibition presents a multiple space, a blank canvas on which many different films can be projected and layered, each telling of a different adventure. 

A garden party was hosted in the presence of actress Michelle Williams, Michael Burke Chief Executive of Louis Vuitton, Peter Marino, Judith Clark, Suzy Menkes, Suzie Bubble and many more. 

Louis Vuitton Hong Kong 




On July 4, 2015, in celebration of the unveiling of the 2016 Croisière collection and the introduction of the first house fragrance, Miu Miu opens the Miu Miu Club, an one-night-only intervention in the 1937 Palais d’Iena in the 16th arrondissement of Paris.

Inspired by the rich tradition and dark evocation of Parisian nightlife, the Miu Miu Club featured a cocktail gathering, exclusive dinner, fashion show, musical performances, and a late night party. In addition the Club includes a special powder room dedicated to experiencing the first Miu Miu fragrance. Music features prominently with guest appearances by long-time Miu Miu collaborator sound artist Frederic Sanchez, tech house DJ Craig Richards, American DJ and producer Seth Troxler, and Dutch DJ Cassy.

Located in the grand hypostyle hall of Auguste Perret’s Palais d’Iena, the main club space is defined by a ring of scaffolding that creates a room-within-a-room. The scaffold supports a raised catwalk that runs the length of the hall following the rhythm of the architecture on which models parade overhead. Under the scaffolding a long series of lounges accommodate the guests both for dinner and conversation.

Juxtaposed against the concrete structure of the Palais, the thin metallic profiles of the scaffold ring provide material contrast and plastic sheets define the exterior boundaries, reinforcing the casual insouciance of the environment. In contrast to temporal language of the set, white carpet-upholstered furniture lends a subtle sense of luxury. In keeping with the club atmosphere, the lighting is low and mysterious occasionally punctuated by lively signs in red and light blue neon. The center of the room is left open to provide a dance floor oriented towards a scenographic DJ wall.

The powder room is an intimate space, evocative of a ladies salon, for guests to experience Miu Miu’s first fragrance. Visitors are led through two mirrored corridors displaying images from the fragrance campaign featuring Stacy Martin and photographed by Steven Meisel. Glowing within the dimly lit hemicycle hall, the iconic dome and chandelier are faintly visible above the powder room. Enclosed by a ring of projection screens displaying subtly moving images, vanities, mirrors, banquets and poufs offer a space for small gatherings. White and blue carpet covers the floors and furniture and gold and mirrored accents create a soft environment.

Fragrance bottles are arranged at each vanity, giving the opportunity to test the perfume, which highlights the joyful lily of the valley with the unexpected earthy undertone of Akigalawood®.