Vivienne Westwood 3D ORB "Circle"

Put a planet on my wrist, taking it around with me to wherever I go. Westwood takes it's signature ORB into a different dimension this coming season. A 3D ORB "circle" new watch collection will be released this late November with the total of three designs. Asymmetrical layout of the Orb takes you into a perceived 3D metric dimension of Vivienne Westwood. It just looks so...3D, it looks so round...so out-there. So then you try to figure out how would you possibly be able to wear an ORB on your wrist as a watch. Then next thing you know, the 3D perception of that orb is actually created by a masterful 2D design that looks so 3D! But, I am still serious on fitting the orb on my wrist. Pink Swarvoski special edition will also be available, limited quantity of 250. All of you PINK Swarvoski fan, want it? gotta get it fast. I want it fast.

P.S: those of you who follows my Instagram probably saw my post of Isabel Marant for H&M today, wanna see which piece I got my hands on. Follow up!

Source: http://www.viviennewestwood.co.uk/shop

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