Kuroshitsuji 黒執事 Movie

Stealing the hearts of many female manga lovers/ girls including myself, releasing date of the movie "Kuroshitsuji" has finally been announced! I have been waiting, expecting and hoping for a very long time for it to come out, ever since I have finished watching the manga, 2 seasons of animations of Kuroshitsuji 黒執事.  It is every girl's dream to have their personal butler like Sebastian, exceptional charming male model appearance, intelligent, an absolute gentleman and above all, a faithful demon that will serve you in anyway you want. In return for his service, he gets to consume your soul, tell me what could possibly be more attractive than that? He would be the one staying with you till the very end of time. Daunting love, I can't never get enough. I've always had a thing for this type of luxury dark romantic mystery, vampire is daring but not dangerous enough for me. Nothing needs to be forever, it just need to be beautiful in every moment. Tokyo menswear label ガラアーベント(GalaabenD) have specially designed the outfits for セバスチャン and 幻蜂清玄, the two leading character of Kuroshitsuji. GalaabenD always have that british chic that I love, so perfect for Kuroshitsuji. Makes me excited for the movie even more.  

Sebastian is impeccable. 

Film release nationwide January 18, 2014 

Photo Credit: Theinnocentlam 

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