Evangelion and Japanese Sword Exhibition at Mori Art Museum

From November 23th to December 23th, "Evangelion and Japanese Sword Exhibition" will be held at Mori Art Museum in Ueno, Tokyo. The one month exhibition features a recreation collection of swords based on the famous, one of the Japan Media Art 100 Selection Award 日本のメディア芸術100選 winning animation 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン』 Neon Genesis Evangelion. 20 collaboration pieces are created by more than 50 sword-making artists. It is a collaborated admixture of Japanese traditional sword making craftsmanship and the very best of Japanese World renowned Animation Art. I deeply appreciate the sword artists' life dedication into this form of art, and it goes down to every single details of the sword being made. They are bold and delicate. They say each sword have their own personality. I am very curious to know how each sword would look like. Bizen Osafune and Magoroku from Evangelion: Another Story will also be included, the very swords that ripped through the AT-Field and takes the life of one of those stylish "Angels". Each battle is a matter of life and death, the moment you feel the fear of death is also the most beautiful moment, cruel but beautiful just like a Japanese sword. In addition to the exhibition, figures of EVA Unit 01, life-size figure of Ayanami Rei, Asuka and other Evangelion items will be available along with a voice guiding tour by Katsuragi Misato! There will also be exclusive new Evangelion items available in the exhibition. Gar&Mann:L is a die-hard fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Exciting news has been released by the Japanese Swords Society, "Evangelion and Japanese Sword Exhibition" will be in Europe 2014! Now I will cross my fingers for their next update about coming to Canada.

Lance of Longinus
 Unit 02 side knife
 Bizen Osafune 
 Unit 00 side knife
Lance of Longinus 
Details on Unit 02

Source: Anime News Network


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  2. This needs more appreciation and attention. Wonderful

  3. There is some Sword Art Online that is even produced as motion pictures that are full length. It is known that anime actually draws its influence from what are known as manga as well as light novels and certain other cultures as well.

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