Growing up I've always LOVE Hello Kitty, I have dreamed of decorating my room with everything Hello Kitty. I confess that I like all things cute. Especially anything miniature and with an oversized head. Though now I have moved on to Rilakkuma, but I still think Hellokitty is cute...But, ever since I had began my career as a model, suddenly I became unsure with "my expected to be chic & edgy" vs "I really love all things cute & lovely" dilemma. I feel uneasy whenever I take out my phone with a giant Rilakuma case to a go-see, or backstage of a fashion show. It wasn't the first time I've encountered this. I really feel like that I'm too tall to be kawaii. So I began to wonder if there is such thing as being chic & cute. Will I be able to survive the fashion world walking out looking cute? Of course I've seen cute things in fashion, recently take Karl's oversized head figure as an example. It's cute, It's chic. But would it work for me? I'm not sure if I can constrain myself enough to find the perfect balance for cute things again. Then next thing I see, my ex-beloved Hello Kitty is celebrating her 40th birthday with Opening Ceremony. Love that dress Hello Kitty wears. I'd definitely say, what a great display of the true potentials of what cute & chic could do. They complement each others perfectly. It's a sign, yeah, I'm going Cute & Chic.

Source: Opening Ceremony 

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