Gar&Mann:L is a fan of Karl Lagerfeld's film. Love how they are made in a way that a film is supposed to be made. It is absolutely pecise in every detail on every mis-en-scene on screen. It is made to be enjoyed by the people who understand films & fashion. Simply put, the more you know about the aesthetic of both worlds, the more tasteful the film elavates. Gar&Mann:L thinks, it's "delicious". 

[It takes an out of the ordinary actor to interpret the role of Coco Chanel at the moment she takes the comeback of her career: reopening her couture house after 15 years of absence. Geraldine Chaplin incarnates the designer with accuracy and precision, to the point of expressing her most natural emotions.
The Return, the film imagined, written and directed by Karl Lagerfeld, takes place in 1954, when Gabrielle Chanel creates - against all odds - a new collection that shakes up the codes of fashion and defines Chanel's style forever.

The Return will be revealed in Dallas, Texas, on December 10th, as an opening for the 2013/14 Métiers d'Art fashion show titled "Paris-Dallas".] - Chanel


Soundtrack: Francis Poulenc "Sonate pour hautbois et piano, Op. 185 : Scherzo"

Via: http://chanel-news.chanel.com/

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