J!NS Moisture ® Eyewear by J!NS

Dry eyes solution proposed by J!NS. With a total of 8 colours and 2 shapes to choose from, J!NS Moisture ® eyewear developed by J!NS will be available online on December 20, 2013. One of the very unique feature of J!NS Moisture ® is the frame's high humidity moisturising power. The two detachable water pockets located on both sides of the frame are designed to increase the humidity level at eyes-surrounding areas. By injecting water into the pockets, the water will then evaporates from the small holes of the pockets. As a result it provides us a relative higher humidity around the eyes for ultimate eyes moisturising comfort. The front frame of J!NS Moisture ® is designed to cover the periphery of our eyes to prevent external intrusions from alienated objects, such like sand, dust, wind, ultraviolet light that causes dry eyes. In the experiment conducted ​​by J!NS, it results a 8.4 point higher humidity level at eyes-surrounding areas when compared to conventional glasses. Conventional glasses scores 39.2% humidity level at eyes-surrounding areas, when J!NS Moisture ®  scores an impressive 47.6% humidity level at eyes-surrounding areas. I am getting mine to keep my blogger eyes moist and sharp, and suspecting it might help diminish eye wrinkles with that almightly moisturising power. To get your own J!NS Moisture ® frames with water pockets today in here  [J!NS JAPAN], J!NS Rakuten shop or J!NS Amazon Store
"Eyewear Fixed on the Future. "!" in the brand logo J!NS stands for our corporate phliosphy. High-quality, high-functional and affordable eyewear. J!NS strives to come up with-out-of-the-box ideas and challenge a wide variety of "!""- J!NS

Source: Jins Japan

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