Open Air Hot-Spring "The Beet-Yu" by Volkswagen Japan

Developed as a additional part of Volkswagen Japan‘s Beetle Caravan campaign, a 2013 convertible Volkswagen beetle has been transformed into a mobile ‘open-air hot-spring’. Have a view of Mount Fuji while soaking into a personal hot-spring. The idea began with a dream by the winner of a design sweepstakes, Mr. Maekawa. The rear-seats of the 2-door cabriolet were converted into a space to install a fully working hot-spring, equipped with an elaborate cedar enclosure and hot water heater. Instead of viewing one facet of Mount Fuji in traditional hot-spring. Maekawa gets to decide the best view of the Mount Fuji in the comfort of the newly designed The Beet-Yu. Volkswagen Japan is making dream come true. Gar&Mann:L is excited to see what's next. 

Source: Volkswagen Japan

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