Coco-Cola x Reebok : [Coca-Cola PUMP FURY HLS] 400 pairs Limited Edition by Verbal

Reebok has announced the limited edition collaboration model with Coca-Cola, "Coca-Cola PUMP FURY HLS". We all know that when Verbal comes in and to take control of things, we could exect it to be great and innovative. Verbal, founder of m-flo and Ambush Design, and as for now creative director of Reebok Classic Asia-Pacific division has taken the design of the collab model under his own hands. The "PUMP FURY HLS", is designed with excellent durability, lightweight, shock absorption and a "3D Ultra Light sole". The honeycomb structure and pump system provides extra comfort and support. The iconic ribbon of the Coca-Cola logo is the main inspiration of "PUMP FURY HLS". Colored in red and white, the design is completed with sophistication and innovation. Limited quantity of 400 pairs well be release from the beginning of March 2014. On December 22, 2013 pre-order will be available at Reebok Shop online at ZOZOTOWN. "PUMP FURY HLS" is one of a kind for all of you Reebok and Coca-Cola fan out there. Gar&Mann:L love Coca-Cola, love Reebok, love Verbal.


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