Transparent Potato Chips by Yamayoshi Co.,Lts.

Potato Chip is one of the most popular snack of all time. According to one of the most popular version, the first potato chips was created as a result of an unhappy customer at Moon Lake's House in 1853, Saratoga Springs, New York. Frustrated by a customer client's constant compliant about their potato being cut too think, chef George Gum decided to slice the potato razor thin, deep fried then seasoned with extra salt. Another version came from United Kingdom, by food writer William Kitchiner's 1822 cookbook The Cook's Orcale.

This time, Yamayoshi Co. Lts. released a D.I.Y video on "How To Make Your Own Transparent Potato Chips". If you are a potato chip lover, that is something you have to try at home. Check out the video and the receipt below. 

 For a single serving:
1. Steamed potato 2g
2. Corn Starch 25g
3. Water 350g 
4. Organic oil 
5. Salt small amount

First mix all the ingredient together.

Boil under low heat for about 10 minute

On wax paper, from the shape of a regular potato chip 

Bake in oven at 100 degree for about 6 hours.

Deep fry it in 150'c oil for about 5 seconds. 

And the result is......"very crunchy and it there is a slight potato taste to it."
If you do try it at home, remember to post your comments below!!


YamaKaoru Confectionery Co., Ltd.
Video Source
Nico Video Japan

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