Casa Rana by Made in Earth; Architecture By Humans For Humans

Made in Earth was founded by a group of architects that in 2010 started work on projects located in Tamil Nadu (India) collaborating with two humanitarian organizations: the Indian NGO Terre des Hommes Core Trust and the Swiss Foundation Main dans la Main. At a later stage other professionals and structural and energy engineering consultants joined the group. 

Casa Rana is a foster home project created for fifteen HIV-positive children and their mummy and it was completed year 2013. The building structure is composed of two monolithic concrete slabs: the floor and the roof. Within them, five colored boxes are freely disposed to contain all the required functions. The space between these boxes provides common and distribution areas. Colored small volumes stretch out from the wide roof as skylights and chimneys for natural ventilation, looking like construction toys. The entire building is enveloped by a bamboo curtain, which creates shaded areas between indoor and outdoor spaces. Their second project Paul Institute is now under 95 percent completion. Made in Earth still have several project in-line, and if you would like to get involved or would like to donate make sure you visit their official website for more information. 

Made in Earth; Architecture By Humans For Humans:

Project Casa Rana info:

Location: tiruvannamalai (tamil nadu, india)
Program: home for HIV affected children
Area: 150 sqm
Beneficiary: terre des hommes core trust
Donor: Mr. Roberto Grassi
Dost: €70,000
Founders: Giancarlo Artese, Ada Catapano, Sebastiano Gorini, Diego Lama
Team: Giuliana Sandulli, Flavia Scognamillo, Alessandro Turchi
Collaborators: Pasquale Bianchini, Rossella Cincotti, Luca de Felice, Cristina de Gennaro, Luigi della Morte, Adriana Raguso, Saragina Salino, Silvana Scarati, Nicola Serra.
Consultant: Energia & Ambiente srl


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