Miniature Calendar by Tatsuya Tanaka

Miniature Calendar is a project by Tatsuya Tanaka based on the photography documenting his collections of diorama dolls. Beginning from 2011, the pocket-sized miniature model capturing the scenery of everyday life has turned into a long-term venture exploring all sorts of possibilities. An instagram comment by a follower was the inspiration behind, "I want to see the miniature calendar everyday". Tanaka at first replied with a daily photo, then the though of a 365 calendar strikes him as time goes on. "Given the things of everyday dwarf point of view, you find that variously interesting. And I want to shape these ideas as a photograph, it's began is "miniature calendar". It has mainly taken the doll and daily necessities for the diorama in motif. Everyday occurrences Seen from A pygmy's perspective CAN Bring us lots of fun thoughts. I Wanted to Take this way of thinking and Express it through Photographs, so I Started to put Together A "MINIATURE CALENDAR"- Tatsuya Tanaka. 

Miniature Calendar