TANIMA DIVER is a "necklace-shaped wearable figurine that dives into the cleavage" which embodies such men's romances. The original concept of TANIMA DIVER, " A Long lost, unexplored region "TANIMA" has been passed on among men in pursuit of romance. Domination of this land of mystery is without exception a common and ultimate romance for men of this world! In honor of their bravery in charging head first toward their dream, people call them TANIMA DIVER. Their persistent challenge goes on even today. " Seductive mounts side by side, at times as serene as a hill, but times as imposing as great peaks. Men turn their thoughts toward the grace of the ravine that lies in between...
That's right, any man would have at least once felt the urge to dive into a cleavage (whether it be involuntarily or not). ekoD Works will be launching a photo album along with the release of the second collection of TANIMA DIVER this year. To find out more about TANIMA DIVER, visit ekoD Works official website here

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