'Mino' by Emmanuelle Moureaux

"Mino" by French architect and designer Emmanuelle Moureaux, inspired by Japanese traditional mino a raincoat made out of straws, adds a modern twist to the design. The traditional minos are crafted using bundles of woven to prevent the lost of heat, and it allows one to withstand harsh weather. Instead, Moureaux used 3,450 strands of paper that are cut into a 5mm wide strips, ranging from a spectrum of 100 different colours. By using colour as three-dimensional element, like layers to create a sense of boldness. The rich colour that are half hidden from the back of the cape reveals itself under motion and wind. Mino by Emmanuelle Moureaux was exhibited at the Tokyo Designers Week 2014, to find out more about her design check here.  

Project :
Color: 100 colors + white
Material:  paper
Supported by:  takeo co., ltd.
Exhibited at:  Tokyo Designers Week 2014



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