Little tortoise regains mobility with LEGO wheelchair

Blade the tortoise, lost the use of his legs due to a growth disorder that cause his limbs to be too weak to hold himself up. Owner Iris Peste took him to the vet after noticing Blade's mobility problem. Vet Dr. Carsten Plischke, after careful examination came up with a brilliant idea; using LEGO pieces from his son's collection, Plischke install a "LEGO wheelchair" underneath the shell of Blade. By adding two sets of wheels, Blade was able to propel himself forward with the support giving from under. Check out the below video from RuptyTV to see Blade cruising around with his new custom LEGO wheelchair. Fortunately, with the support giving by the wheelchair Blade will eventually regain the strength and the ability to move freely.  

Source: RuptyTV Germany

Image via daily mail / © action press/REX

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