Domestic Bliss by Susan Copich

Happy Days

Susan Copich, a mother of two, actress and photographer from New York decided to take a dark twist on a project Domestic Bliss. The photos, featured a set of dark twisted version of a everyday family life in a mother's eye. For Copich, the photos reflects her inner anxieties and fear about the transition into middle age more than her actual family life. To find out more bout Susan Copich's work, check out her website here

"Having been a performer (dancer, actress) most of my life, then a camera carrying helicopter-mother, constantly snapping pictures of my family, one day my agent stopped calling, my babies grew up to be kids with their own opinions and attitudes, my marriage no longer felt shiny and new and I felt middle aged – irrelevant. I also realized I was missing from every family photo." - Susan Copich.(http://www.susancopich.com)

 Witching Hour


Bath Time 

Spare The Rod 

Let Go

Old Habits
Mommy Time


Anger Management 

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