Louis Vuitton and movie "Gone with the Bullets"《一步之遙》

Fifteen antique trunks transported from Louis Vuitton Museum in Paris have become one of the exclusive highlights of Gone With the Bullets, celebrated actor-director JIANG Wen's 3D epic set for national release on 18 December. Spiced with extravagance, humour, adventure, suspense and romance, JIANG's highly anticipated follow-up to Let the Bullets Fly has been hailed as "the best Chinese movie of the past 20 years" by Hollywood.


On his collaboration with the luxury trunk maker, JIANG says Louis Vuitton's iconic productions appropriately enhance the historical texture of the movie. "Louis Vuitton and our team share the same commitment in quality, which has been realized in the form of cinematic art and production design in this project."  The story surrounds the adventurers' stories in the 1920's Shanghai with numerous scenes of trains and automobiles, the modes of travelling of the time, poetically echoing the spirit of "journey and adventure" of the renowned maison. "We worked with the best for the best. What appears in the movie are real antique trunks. They are historical and irreplaceable,"


Since 1854, Louis Vuitton trunks have crossed times and borders with the first trains, legendary ocean liners, to automobiles and the first aircraft. The spirit of Louis Vuitton's history and savoir faire embodies the message in this story that takes place in Shanghai.


Louis Vuitton HK 


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