SCHMANCY 2014 by Glenbow Museum

One of Canada's top fundraiser gala SCHMANCY by Glenbow Museum was held this past Friday February 22nd. The host of the night was Dave Kelly. Bryan Adams was invited as a surprise guest speaker talking about his inspiration as a photographer: two of his photography exhibition "Exposed" and "Wounded" are currently being exhibited in the museum, and you definitely don't want to miss it. We had the pleasure to meet and chat with the supermodel Heather Marks, she is inspiring and definitely one of a kind gorgeous. The most exciting part of the night for Gar&Mann:L would definitely be the moment when the light went dim, and all eyes focused on the special promo short-film produced by Vinegar Designs Lab came up on the screen. We knew by then all the hard work Vinegar Designs Lab had put in has finally paid off. Here we congratulate the success of SCHMANCY 2014. Special applause to Katrina Olson-Mottahed and Binzento, we saw your crazy schedules but it all contributed to a great success. Gar&Mann:L is getting excited for the next already.

Director: +Paul M. Lee 
Cinematography: +Jack McLee 
Producer: +Vincent Law (@Binzento)
Vinegar Designs Lab

Photo by: Paul M.Lee +vinegar designs lab ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 

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