Time to reconsider. Raincoats

   Have lived in Calgary for about 10 years, never thought I would need any rain wear in this dry-weather + snowy city. Even during the heavy raining seasons, a trench coat would probably do it. So it never occurs to me that I would need something more than just an umbrella  Recently, with all the serious flood and damage happening in Calgary, it is time to go far and get down on to some serious rain gear styling . To find the right rain gear that keeps you stay dry while making you look super chic.  With the amount of stuff I carry around with me, an extra umbrella would be rather annoying. A raincoat could be the perfect alternative for those of you that carries load of stuff in your bag. Check out some of the ones I love that I've found.

Terra New York 

Wanda Nylon Transparent Raincoat

YEOHLEE Placket Raincoat

Friis & Company Gita Raincoat 

Source:  TerraNewYork, Friis&Comany, Ferfetch.com

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