Louis Vuitton Cruise Resort 2014

   Louis Vuitton Cruise Resort 2014 collection is now showcasing the world the new French chic. A season inspired by the free spirit and careless effortlessly chic "the French girl"- according to Julie de Libran. The over sized satin top paired with matching mini skirt is definitely a fine combination of comfort and sensuality, a causal take on the traditional full body suit undoubtedly suit the 2014 Cruise Resort season. The navy double breast-ed short coat with loose trousers took me back to the late 40s New York. However the post boy hats and the horizontal stripe is so Patrica in A bout de souffle, unquestionable French New Wave manifesto. Mix and matching all the way from 40s New York to 60s French New Wave, unlimited to inspirations, effortlessly done yet so sophisticated. Still the emphasis/ keyword is on "EFFORTLESS" chic. Have to admit we do spend hours to study fashion and style to be chic, yet it wont be successful if the comments getting back are "you've tried too hard". Heartbreaking but true. It would definitely take more efforts to be effortlessly chic. It's contradicting, its beautiful. Unaware aesthetics are often found where you expected least but contradict the most.  Hard not to love this collection, what'd you say?

Source: vogue.uk

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