Lauren Bagliore Dal Deserto All'Oasi SS 2013

  Lauren Bagliore S/S 2013 presentation, a night that brightens the atmosphere of Calgary high fashion scene in this gloomy weather. Calgary Fashion community would not be compromised by the rain nor the flood. +GarMann L@Gar&Man:L had the pleasure to walk the runway at the night of the show along with some of the best known fashion faces in Calgary, Kim Noseworthy, Ania B. Powered by the PARK crew with Kara Chomistek, and the Italian chamber of commerce in Canada, Dal Deserto All'Oasi collection "From the Wasteland to the Oasis" This season, Bagliore explores the balance of fine Italian couture making and Asian Fashion aesthetic. Guided by her unique fashion design mastery emphasizing each fine detail, creating a fantastico trio across texture, size and patterns. Couple of my favourite design were contrast black and white symmetric dress, loose waist Italian silk dress with that beautiful light weight drape that can easily be mix and match in all seasons. Loving all of her pieces that have the style to last over time, they are made to be worn effortlessly chic across seasons after seasons. The minimalist speaks loud. Japanese sumo hair with black bold samurai brows makes the statement clear. 

The designer continues to reconstruct and express right out Bagliore's world of fashion. They are bold and edgy. Bagliore continues to visualize italiana femminilità. 

  During the fitting day before the show, Lauren and I got to catch up a little since her last show in Calgary. Only about six months since the last show, time flies by. She's been a great friend and inspiration, her word of advice and courage have supported Gar&Mann:L so much along the way. Never seize to surprise me everytime I meet her. Wonder if my progress in Italian would allow me to be able to held a small conversation in Italian with her next time. 

  Coalescing the two aesthetics of the long history and culture of Japanese and Italian art and fashion,Lauren Bagliore's Dal Deserto All'Oasi 2013 SS is The collection. Gar&Mann:L Loves Lauren Bagliore, to all of you stylish people out there, if you like art and fashion be sure to follow and check LaurenBagliore.com to support and be sure to check out Ania. B's great coverage.

Videophotogapher: +Jack McLee @Gar&Mann:L

Videocredit: +Jack McLee  @Gar&Mann:L

Photographer: +Paul Lee  @Gar&Mann:L

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 Photocredit: +Paul Lee  @Gar&Mann:L. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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