Knot it & Rock it

Gar&Mann:L was invited to Knot it & Rock it hosted by LEELA, Malika Couture and Passione at studio122. Along with the official launching of couture neckties by Leela, Malika couture's pieces are presented and showcased some of her new leather line collections. Models are styled and made up to be manikins alive, interacting with the studio space. Quite an interesting approach to a chic 60s themed fashion party. It was a great party I must say, intimate but not without privacy, quite unique as Calgary fashion community is not overall big at all, but we stay close together. With a little scotch and wine, the uber chic biker jacket and laser cut leather from malika couture and the handcrafted London fabric couture Neckties from Leela have remained the focus of attention and the night came short with the stylish guest departed with satisfaction of their fashion quick fix of the month. Gar&Mann:L can't wait to offer you the interviews from the two new talented designers, stay tuned for more from malika couture and couture neckties by Leela.                      
                                                            Videographer: +Jack McLee / Gar&Mann:L Producions

VIDEOCREDIT: +Jack McLee / Gar&Mann:L Productions. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Photographer: +Paul Lee / Gar&Mann:L Producions

PHOTOCREDIT: +Paul Lee / Gar&Mann:L Productions. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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