PARK Show 2013. 5th anniversary celebration

PARKshow 2013 turned out to be a total success, the setting at the venue is absolutely innovative. This year, Park begins the show with Wearable Art Presentation featuring Apiana Que, Chantal Traub and NRT Fashion. The showcase allowed the audience to have a closer look in details of each designed pieces presented in the collections. I have to say, the vibe of this years PARK was much more lively. With the jet-setter theme this year, its definitly gonna be the buzz around town. Nicole from NRT contiued to surprise us with her dark and edgy aesthetic. Without a doubt. NRT fashion definitely have her position in representing edgy side of Calgary fashion.

Show 1 featured bags by Alex Folzi, Kelly Madden, Of A Feather, and Serendipity. Show 2 featured the latest leather jacket collection by Bano eeMee, Emogene Couture, Suka clothing and Nicole Campre. The first time when I tried on Emogene Couture, I instantly felt in love with fabric and texture, the material flows so perfectly with the body movement. Another one of my favorite piece is the white open front dress by Suka, love the open collar cut in the front. This year, Nicole Campre's new collection is definitely one of my favorite in the show. I've always love Nicole's minimal aesthetic but in her new collection, monotone mix and match with different fabrics are just incredible. She had taken the usually "soft" and "classic" design to a whole new level. Definitely will keep my eye on her.

With PARKshow 2013's ending success, I begin to wonder what PARKLUX 2013 will have in line for us.

Videographer: +Jack McLee @Gar&Mann:L

Photographer: +Paul Lee  @Gar&Mann:L

Photocredit: +Paul Lee @Gar&Mann:L ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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