TAMAKI FUJIE 2013-2014 A/W Collection

Surprise only comes from where it is least expected. Amazing thing to see from where fantasy meets creative approach to define and reinterpreted , which brings dream alive to the very world we live in. Tamaki Fujie has stood her ground in the stage of fashion world along with her TAMAKI FUJIE Spring/ Summer collection in 2013. It sure did turn heads and attracted attention with her talent on details and unique textile creations. In this 2013-2014 Autumn/ Winter collection, themed as「東方見聞録」as known as, Livre des merveilles du monde, taking on the glamorous tour following the journey of Marco Polo, traveling back in the 13th century from Italy to Tibet along with the image and the roaring sound of the sprinting Cadillac. You would be expecting rich color along with numerous items in her collection. Time Travel is a very interesting matter when the olds got reinvented and reinterpreted with the new. As what we see on Jean Paul Gaultier and Versace's recent demonstration on street and punk rock influences into high fashion, the very same edge is also seen in the collection, however the glam Marco Polo tour of 13th century has taken over the textile side of the story and given a whole new integrating equilibrium between high fashion and street fashion. It has come to our attention that high fashion is having a tendency of going street for the pass few years, and we love TAMAKI FUJIE's ANSWER for it. Tamaki Fujie is definitely one of the brightest rising star that we simply couldn't take our eyes off her.             -By +Paul Lee @Gar&Mann:L

Photocredit: Fashion Press, TAMAKIFUJIE.com, http://fashiontoprint.blogspot.ca/

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