Vinegar Designs Lab x JKAI: [毒藥] "Poison"

Gar&Mann:L's first acting experience! Check out Vinegar Designs Lab's latest music video production for JKAI Music (Cz Entertainment) and his debut solo launch in China: [毒藥] ("Poison" direct translation). Also, Vinegar Designs Lab's website is updated and live! Make sure to bookmark or follow them for news and project updates! 

Director: Paul M. Lee
Producer: Vincent Law
Cinematography: Jack Lee
Stylist: Binzento Vincente - A Fashion/ Lifestyle Blog
Hair: Joe Pang
Featuring Model: Garmann Carmen LeeCarson Ludwick and Robert Sainsbury.

Special thanks to:
Cubic Hair ArtJack & ElliotJNBY Canada and Blok Home Development & Design Ltd"

Find out more about Vinegar Designs Lab here.

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