Lego Chocolate Blocks by Akihiro Mizuuchi

Japanese illustrator and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi created edible and functional chocolate LEGO blocks. Mizuuchi is a member of the Gunchoco Club, a group dedicated to creating chocolate Gungam figurines. The idea came from the Gunchoco Club tradition, using chocolate Gundam figures as a Valetines gift for the love ones. First, Mizuuchi had to design the characters using computer to analyse how many modules was needed. After the silicon molds has been created, the chocolate LEGO blocks are been assembled together. There are total of four flavours to choose from;dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. But I have to say, there is a fatal flaw in the design; no blocks will be left in the hands of all you chocolate lovers out there. 
"I discovered that 1 lego dot was equivalent to about 1 gram of chocolate so the calculations were really 55 dots, or about 55 grams. The mold on the right is 80 dots, or about 80 grams. So if you weight the choclate before melting if you're left with hardly any residue." - Akihiro Mizuuchi 



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    1. There are Lego silicon mold avalible at Etsy to buy. www.etsy.com