Nod Gesture Control Ring: Untouchable technology

Source: Nod 

Nod Gesture Control Ring: Untouchable technology that seamlessly transforms your movements into commands. It brings the world around you to life, as you control everything from your laptop to your living room lights with a wave of your hand. It connects via Bluetooth or throught Wi-Fi to enabled devices such as computers, smartphone, and TVs. It allows the user to perform different tasks including text input, media control and navigating interfaces from the tip of their finger. Just like magic. There are 80 different components at Nod’s core, including two powerful CPUs and a superior flexible circuitry. Every trace is routed by hand, then optimally placed for the strongest possible signal, giving Nod’s antenna an impressive 30-foot range. The ring comes with four different sizes from S to XL. The Nods Gesture ring is now available to pre-order online here.  



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