iXoost Ferrari 2008 F1 Audio System

Designed by Mirco Pecorari and Matteo Panini, iXoost is the first audio system hand-built in Modena for Apple iPhone and iPod. An actual exhaust port from 2008 F1 race car are used as a soundboard for the woofer, sealed off in a little retro-styled bell à la café racer. The design of the console is reminiscent of the crankcase of 60's-70's motorbikes. The two Schedoni leather-coated ports are to give users the tactile sensation of a racing berlinetta. Matteo Panini is the heart and soul behind iXoost: it began with a simple idea in his mind while handling an exhaust manifold, one which now turned into something extremely special and capable of catching the very essence of his automotive passion. The super luxury 140W sound system is available in three different custom models: eight-cylinder, 10-cylinder, 12-cylinder engine. If you happen to have an extra Ferrari engine sitting home, you can customize it at your disposal turning an exhaust manifold from super cars such as Maserati and Ferrari into a power sound system. What a way to enjoy the sound of a powerful engine system right at home.

"iXoost is a pleasure machine, coupling with fine mechanical workmanship with the high-tuned nerve of a throbbing Formula One tailpipe. Noise, symphony or melody: it's our sense that must guide us through these rings. Behind every iXoost there lies all the magic of the "sound" of our own emotions, our memories in the ears and into the very soul of each and one of us, like those playing cards clipped onto our bike-wheel spokes to produce our very first rumble of speed." - iXoost

Gar&Mann:L is so in love of the design and the aesthetic of iXoost Ferrari 2008 F1 Audio System, get yours today in here.  

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