Hero-Glyphics by Josh Ln

"Like most of the work I do, this series was self initiated. I started them in late august last year I have always had an affinity for Ancient Egyptian art and hieroglyphics – the Ancient Egyptians developed an elegant way to communicate their stories using minimalistic imagery and symbols. As a graphic designer and illustrator I try to do this same thing today. I soon found myself telling stories with background details and symbols. In the end I wanted to create a series that people could instantly relate to and enjoy on a couple different levels: the pop culture and the art history." - Josh Ln

Ancient Egyptian culture is mysterious, has a little bit of a darkside yet fascinates many including me. Cultivated by archaeological discoveries of artifacts and hieroglyphs, there have been stories and myths of entities with supernatural power that Ancient Egyptians worship. Could it be true that these entities might have been born with super natural power? Or would it be the very result of the intelligent extraterrestrial beings that have visited Earth before and made significant contacts with human. If these hypothesises were true, they sure do leave things behind. Would it be possible for some to possess traits and genotypes of the extraterrestrials, and as of today being passed on to many among us. Would that make them superhuman, mutants or SUPERHEROS? Gar&Mann:L is so fascinated with myths of Egypt and numerous paleocontact hypothesis, many questions are yet to be answered. Josh Ln's hypothesis definitely fascinates us.  

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