Gar&Mann:L is delighted to be invited to FRENCHAHOLIC Christmas popshop at AME Art Gallery, Central, Hong Kong. Frenchaholic is a unique online shop of French designers dedicated to Hong Kong aims to provide timeless quality items loved by Parisians. The two day private popshop offered a unique "Made in France" collection from selected French designers and brands. We are sure everyone would love to add a little French chic and inspirations into their everyday's life. Items ranging from Duffels, satchels, totes, wallets to everyday apparels, but for one thing that Gar&Mann:L absolutely love would be that beautifully hand-made La Compagnie du Kraft notebooks. La Compagnie du Kraft have been making notebooks for professional forest rangers and butchers since 1930. For guys with the hands of a lumberjack or killer. They are meant to last for their supreme quality and yes they are hand-made in Paris. Incase you have already missed FRENCHAHOLIC this time around, they have already got everything planned out for their second popshop. Be sure to find out and follow them with their blog at [Le Blog]. Items are also available to be purchased online in here. [Frenchaholic]. 

Special thanks to Founder of FRENCHAHOLIC, Vincent Bruel for his warm greetings and invitation. Gar&Mann:L can't wait to visit their second popshop and we wish him all the best with FRENCHAHOLIC

"The name “Frenchaholic” is born in our mind from the addition of the suffix “-aholic” that commonly describes someone addicted to or compulsively in need of to “French” as it fully explains our commitment for beautiful craftsmanship and quality of fabric. We offer a curated selection of accessories and apparels from different French designers right here in Hong Kong at the same price you would find them in Paris. With a total transparency for both origin and condition of production. A great number of designers and products we select had never been distributed in Hong Kong before. Frenchaholic is the exclusive shop you will find them." - FRENCHAHOLIC 

Vincent Bruel

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