Unintentional Accessed Memories

Have you ever had that feeling that you wish you can go back in time? As I was sorting out my grandma's closet, I found this picture of my grandpa and I. The picture was taken at the Zoo in Guangzhou which I used to visit almost every weekend, I was about a year old. It's been 6 years since grandpa has left us, but memories of him are still so vivid in my mind. Every Friday morning, I will always call him before I go to school. He has the most comforting voice in the world, "Do you want grandpa to come over?" he would ask. As long as my answer is "yes", no matter how busy his work schedule is, he will always be waiting for me at home with a warm smile on his face.

He wasn't the most well-dressed men, but he definitely has his standards. Each morning he uses Murrays pomade to comb through his hair, slowly, delicately to ensure he doesn't miss any spot. When he needs to go formal, he will always add a red cashmere vest on top of his shirt. Simple, relax yet classy, so chill keeping his cool just like how he always is. I've never seen him wearing anything else but a pair of pointy loafers. A real man knows how to take care of his own shoes. My grandpa always polish his shoes before sleeping at night, I always get so attracted by all these little things he does. Now that every-time when I polish my shoes, I always imagine that he will still be sitting beside me, watching me polish my shoes the way he used to. If I can ever go back in time, I wish I can spend every minute with him. I love you grandpa.


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