Celia Birtwell x UNIQLO AW 2013

As some of you might have notice, Gar&Mann:L had been a bit slow on updates lately. Reason? Currently having way too much fun exploring streets of Hong Kong and China. Things definitely have changed since my last visit, except one thing, the dreadful heat. Don't get me wrong, I love summer, but not the combination of flip-flop, tank-top and shorts. The unpleasantness of sweat and sticky shirts are certainly understandable, but there are always a better alternative. Fine silk would have been the perfect, but we also know it is also one of the top prized fabric. UNIQLO has been providing many of us clothing basics, basics that are current and trendy, and most importantly affordable. 

This autumn/winter 2013, British textile designer Celia Birtwell gets back with UNIQLO for the second time. The second collabration is aim to provide luxury and affordable silk collection, its going to hit up the store on August 22th. After Birtwell's dramatic re-entry back to fashion scene since the collection for topshop in 2006, she has been collaborating with many other brands. A touch of fun, full of cheerfulness mix with her signature femininity and romanticism, it is fresh, perfect for the coming autumn. 

Source: Vogue.uk