Gar&Mann:L x Jag Moussa: An Interview

Gar&Mann:L: Can you tell me something about yourself?
Jag Moussa: I was born into the Hairstyling industry. Both my parents and some other relatives are all Hairstylists.

GL: Did you always wanted to be a hair stylist?
JM: Not when I was younger. I started to realize that I was artistic my last year in high school and went to post-secondary school for 3 years to explore design.

GL: How did you start in the beauty industry?
JM: After school I started working for a promotions agency, eventually art directing photo shoots and managing a roster of talent, that lead to hiring makeup artists and photographers and hairstylists. I then thought about specializing in hair and went to an open call at Aveda where I was hired on the spot and here I am 8 years later.

GL: When it comes to hair styling, where do you find your inspiration each season?
JM: I love being inspired by street fashion and creative work from hair shows and fashion magazines. I would say that I am most inspired by my own mind and love creating on the spot.

GL: What hair styles are you tired of seeing?
JM: Color that’s flat and not shiny, shapes that don’t suit the person and safe styles where there is an opportunity to take a risk.

GL: Calgary’s dry condition is so bad for hair, do you have any tips for us to keep our hair healthy and shinny?
JM: YES. As it is sooo dry here in the city, girls must always have a Masque on hand! They are pricey but they work! My current fav’s are Morrocan Oil Restorative or Hydrating. Restorative for brittle hair and Hydrating for hair that’s lost its elasticity. Also girls who think that not blow drying their hair is good for it, might be hurting their hair more than they think. It is good for the hair to be polished with a ceramic round brush and even ironed after the round brush ( with heat protecting blowdry cream/serum) to prevent environmental aggressions from entering the hair and drying it out from the inside out!

L: When it comes to hair styling, what are 5 must-have products for you?
JM: Aveda Confixor Gel (applied to wet hair and blown in for body)
Aveda Phemoliant Mousse (applied to wet hair and blown in for volume)
Morrocan Oil Treatement (regular for heavy thick hair and light for chemically treated and blondes)
Revlon Style Masters Photofinisher 3 Hairspray
Osis Shine Spray from Swartzkof

GL: In the coming spring summer 2013, where do you think hair trend is gonna be?
JM: I am predicting a serious 80’s revival, its crazy to think but big hair is coming back, strong textured shapes with lots of texture, color and hair accessories for our serious fashionistas!

GL: In the aveda competition, what is the main concept for the hair style of the shoot?
JM: I wanted to show beautiful design in the hairstyles that really suited the models.

Hair Stylist: Jag Moussa
Make Up: Krista Ho Lem
Photographer: Kaitlynn Body www.kaitybody.com

For Bookings: Jag Moussa @The Ginger Group Hair Calgary (403-234-8542)


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