BE@RBRUCK "Gremlins" X MUVEIL by Kim Songhe

On February, 2016 BE@RBRUCK will be releasing a special "Gremlins" X MUVEIL by Kim Songhe edition. GALLERY MUVEIL will be accepting pre-order from January 20th until February 7th. 100%, 400% and 1000% in fluffy version will be the available sizes. Each of them is embroidered with a "Gizmo" pendent pearl necklace, the most lovable gremlin in the movie.  

About Kim Songhe:

Kim Songhe ( to Kim Son ) / Chandelier artist
Born in Tokyo in 1982 . Nationality Korea .

Oda design after the vocational school graduate, and started design activities. 2005, chandelier work that was exhibited at select shop "Loveless" is attracting attention. Later, especially in the production using the technique of collage off-the-shelf items such as stuffed animals and American Toy, it handles many well as display of shop space. Those works that can be expressed even as "junk collage" is integrated in a strange balance to have like a messy, evoke the side to watch the innocent sense. The exhibition works, etc. San Francisco and Seoul Museum of Art in 2009. Recently, we focus on Dharma and beckoning cat, good luck, such as rakes, it has announced a work full of euphoria. Kim Songhe was born in Tokyo in 1982. After graduating from Oda Design Collage, she started design activity. In 2005, the work of chandelier displayed at the Loveless store in Aoyama attracted the attention of many people eyes. Since then, she has produced many shop displays. Her chandeliers are made by pasting ready-made products such as retro stuffed animals and American toys. These works described as "junk collage" are mess at first glance, but are unified in a strange balance, witch will recall the innocent feeling of them. In 2009, She exhibited works at the museums in San Francisco and Soul. Recently, announces her works using traditional lucky fortune charms, such as DARUMA, MANEKINEKO and KUMADE. .


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